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Scaling A Mountain In Africa

I can see my breath inside the tent. I stretch out in my sleeping bag, cautiously rotating my shoulders, then my ankles, encouraging blood to start pumping through my body.  It’s day three of the big climb and I’m already feeling it.  Perhaps Jackie (my partner), had a point that I should have done some training…!

I ease the zip on the tent door, wanting to check out today’s climbing weather.  The majestic Mount Kilimanjaro rises above the clouds, sun glinting off its peak, a dauntingly long way away.  I’ll opt for a t-shirt under my fleece.

Kili for short (or to those ‘familiar’ with it – having now summited I can say that), is the highest mountain on the African continent and the tallest free standing mountain in the world.  And I’m here to climb it, along with my two sons.  It’s a family bonding trip; a special expedition that my boys will hopefully remember for the rest of their lives.  But man it’s hard.

We’re a close family and I’ve wanted to do this trip for a while.  Seth’s 15 and Ethan’s 17, so they’re old enough and strong enough to attempt such an adventure.  I did try to persuade Jackie to climb it again, but she, perhaps sensibly in hindsight, elected to stay home (apparently altitude makes you fart a lot more than usual – who knew?!).  It’s been a long time in planning, but finally we’re here, all three of us, and we’re half way through this incredible, very uphill, journey…

IMG_0745 That was Day 3.  I’m writing from memory about my climb, sitting comfortably at my desk at Oasis HQ.  I’m not going to lie, it was hard.  There was an afternoon where I had to just find a rock, lie down, and nap for a couple of hours in the sunshine (in case anyone else encounters this urgent need, for goodness sake remember to put sunscreen on before you close your eyes.  The sun is stronger at altitude.  Either that, or leave the sunnies off, so at least all your face is the colour of a ripe tomato).

But for all the long slogs up steep paths; for all the pauses for breath where I felt I couldn’t possibly push my legs any further, and even for all the aching limbs I woke up with each morning, there was this sense of pure, exhilarative joy every time I caught sight of that snow capped peak.  The exquisitely pure mountain air, the sun beating down on your back (I’m writing this in winter you must remember), and the thrill of tackling such a challenge kept my spirits high.  At night we shared blister stories over popcorn and hot drinks, and it was so beautiful when all the noise stopped and you listened to the silence of nature outside.  The stars took your breath away (metaphorically, although the cold did mean you didn’t hang around outside your tent too long!).  An inky, thick blanket was studded with these twinkling lights; there were so many it was almost as if someone had thrown up a tube of silver glitter.







Climbing Kili will test you mentally and physically, but it’s a journey so incredible and worthwhile I wish everyone could do it.  The trek is beautiful and so varied: you trek through cloud forest, through bare, sparse savannah land, and end up (if you’re successful) standing next to a glacier!  It’s a climb that is achievable by people of all abilities, old and young, although, unlike us, I would advise some kind of training/reasonable level of fitness before attempting it!

Chris Wrede, Director


Oasis Overland offers a range of journeys up Kili, but first here’s a few questions answered by Chris after he came back triumphant! :)

Q: What route did you do?
A: We chose Machame because it is a more gradual ascent than Marangu and I preferred the idea of camping on the mountain to sharing bunk beds with other smelly climbers in a hut! I had also heard the terrain is more interesting and you get fantastic views of the summit most days as well as Mount Meru because we climbed the western flank.

Q: How many days did it take you to climb?
A: We chose to do the 7 day climb as opposed to the 6 day because this gave us an extra acclimatisation day on day 5. We saw other groups leave real early on day 4 for a long days walk because they had to summit on day 5. Most of them still made it to Uhuru Peak but the fact we could take an additional day at between 3800 and 4700 metres and summit on day 6 certainly made it easier.

Q: What is the best time of year to climb Mt Kilimanjaro?
A: Our guide Evans (who guides most Oasis travellers) said June to October and December to Feb were the best times due to less rain.

Q: How does it work with the guides/porters?
A: We had 4 in our group and needed 12 porters, 1 cook, 1 waiter (yes, I was surprised too!) but it was great getting tea and coffee bought to our tents in the morning and he also brought the 3 course meals to our mini dining tent. Plus we had a guide, Evans, and assistant guide Dan.

Q: What training program did you follow to reach the fitness level required for the climb?
A: We did very little although that was not our intention. The 4 of us spent a weekend in the Lake District in Cumbria and did 2 days hiking and then an afternoon on the Dorset coast for an 11 mile walk.

Q: Give us 5 Top Tops for taking on such a momentous challenge?

A: 1) Take a hot water bottle. Your waiter or cook will fill it with hot water. It’s bl**dy cold at night, usually around -5 degrees when we climbed into our sleeping bags. 2) Chat to your guides and porters, ask them questions about themselves, their families, Tanzania, Politics, history and tell them about your lives. It made the climb even more interesting and they love to talk and have fantastic humour, 3) Invest in a good quality head torch. 4) We took NUUN rehydration tablets which dissolved in our water bottles and made the water taste better and gave us essential salts and electrolyse. Keeping well hydrated as it helps you acclimatise. 5) Take enough USD to tip your climbing team. I wished I’d been able to tip them more. Those guys were absolutely dedicated to doing their best to make sure you succeeded in summiting. I hadn’t realised what a massive expedition it would be and the organisation and equipment that was required. I could not thank them enough for all their help!

Oasis offer a range of Kilimanjaro climbs for both adults and families

  • Machame Route for Adults (8-days) – see more
  • Marangu Route for Adults (7-days) – see more
  • Marangu Route for Adults (6-days) – see more
  • Machame Route Family Adventure (10-days) – see more
  • Kilimanjaro Climb & Sarengeti for Families (13-days) – see more

Family climbs are for children between 12-16 years old 

In January Chris, Ethan and Seth will be talking about the Kilimanjaro climb at the Adventure Travel Show!

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The Next Big Thing? Oasis puts Kyrgyzstan on the map!

The thing about travelling is that everyone’s doing it.  It’s become the ‘done’ thing to have a gap year before university, or to take a career break, or a sabbatical.  Maybe you’ll go backpacking, maybe you’ll work abroad, or maybe you’ll volunteer somewhere.  But you can bet your bottom dollar that one of your friends has already been there, or knows someone who’s been there.  And if you believe in 6 degrees of separation, the idea that everyone worldwide is linked by only 6 steps, then the world really is a small place.

And that’s why I’m really excited about Oasis Overland’s trips through Central Asia, and in particular the trips to Kyrgyzstan.  How many of you reading this have heard of Kyrgyzstan? (Before you started browsing the Oasis website!)  Central Asia is fast becoming the next big destination, and as Iran and the ‘Stans open up, more and more people will start to trickle in.  Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have the infrastructure to cope with this rise in tourism, but

perhaps because it’s escaped the ‘tyrannical dictHorses at Lake Song Kulator trap’ to befall nearby neighbours, Kyrgyzstan remains a quiet, rural country with a lot of its population clutching onto their nomadic traditions.  And that’s why you should go now.

Kyrgyzstan is one of those jewels that you rarely stumble upon in this world full of travellers.  It feels like not much has changed in decades, and, to be honest, the people don’t mind whether you’re there or not.  They don’t bow down to you as tourists bringing in much needed dollars, or make special allowances for you because you’re different.  While everyone we met in home stays and vegetable markets were friendly, no one stopped and stared at us on the street (something that we were getting quite used to in countries like China and Iran!); they just passed us on their way.  How refreshing!

Boys laughing on horses






And then there’s the scenery.  It’s a search for words to accurately convey how stunningly beautiful this country is.  The Tien-Shan mountain range dominates, stretching the entire length of the country.  Handily, this means a snow-capped mountain view for almost every drive day!  There are breath-taking mountains, spectacular hiking trails, galloping horse rides, and to top it off, a couple of dazzling lakes that glimmer seductively in the sunshine.

Group, truck and yurts

Its countries like this where Oasis Overland do best; we love bush camping and taking people out into the wilds where you’re more likely to meet a wild horse than a city pigeon!  We camp in idyllic spots like Semenovskre Gorge, admire the star-lit skies above Jeti Orguz,  cuddle up in traditional yurts at remote Lake Song Kul (after an exhilarating horse ride!),  and go back to ancient times at Tash Rabat Caravanserai, an important stop on the Silk Trade Route.  And just in case you fancy a caramel macchiato at the end of all that ‘outdoor activity’, Bishkek, the ultra-modern capital can provide. Somehow this Soviet-inspired city can host the bustling Osh bazaar, packed with everything from dried apricots to baby-gros, and yet slick, shiny Bishkek Park mall sits comfortably a few blocks away, attracting the city slickers and yummy mummies.

Eagle Hunter







Kyrgyzstan has fast become one of my favourite countries, and its testimony to the justice our trip does it that it remained the best loved country by almost all of our travellers at the end of the Silk Road Expedition this year.  Do yourself a favour: check it out!

Altyn Arashan Hike pic

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Our Exciting New Trips Planned for 2017

2017 is a big year for Oasis Overland. Not only is it the year of our 20th anniversary (we know, pretty old right?) but we also have a huge number of new trips to add to our already vast itinerary. Whether you’re a returning traveller or a newcomer, these are definitely adventures you’re going to want to check out!

Kaiteur Falls 2

Quito to Quito (inc. Guianas)

 A new addition to our South America trips, 2017 brings the Quito to Quito route. You’ll be travelling for 31 weeks and exploring 11 different countries along the way, including Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Colombia. You’ll visit incredible rainforests and dry deserts alongside gorgeous coastlines and bustling cities – what a mix! This is the most comprehensive South American experience you’ll be able to find, and certainly not one to be missed.


Rio to Quito (via Guianas)

This trip is for those who are a little wary of 31 weeks on the road, or can’t take this much time out of daily life, but would still love to experience the character and beauty of South America. It’s a 15-week long journey and picks up the Quito to Quito trail at Brazil. Sure, the trip is half that of Quito to Quito, but don’t let that put you off! You’ll still have an incredible journey through South America, exploring the heart of the incredible continent. Not to mention this trip coincides with New Year’s 2017 – what a way to welcome in a new year!

Rio to Manaus (via Guianas) (NEW YEARS EVE)

Another trip that allows you to finish 2017 in traveller style, celebrating the New Year in South America. This journey takes you through Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana where you’ll experience the untrodden paths of South America and discover all the beauty it has to offer in just 57 days. This trip is packed full of exciting experiences to make sure you make the most of your time there.

Pakistan – Karakorum Highlights

A 15-day trip exploring Northern Pakistan, travelling from Islamabad to Karakorum and visiting some of the most breath-taking sights you may ever see. With huge mountain ranges, the Deosai Plains and a walk over a suspension bridge at Passu Glacier, this trip is truly once in a life time.

Pakistan – Karakorum Highlights & Chitral Valley

This experience is for those who want just that little bit more than the 15-day trip. You’ll instead be travelling for 21 days and be able to visit the majestic Chitral Valley – on top of everything else!

Northern Pakistan river valley







London to Singapore

27 weeks travelling through Europe and Asia, beginning in London and finishing at Singapore; can you think of anything better? You’ll visit an incredible 25 countries and get to know a vast array of cultures, landscapes and environments. Without a doubt, you’ll feel very well-travelled by the end of this one!

Orangutan and baby eating in Bukit Lawang







Rumble through the Jungle

We’re incredibly excited to introduce our Rumble through the Jungle adventure; one for the explorer in you! You’ll make your way through East, Central and West Africa in this incredible journey, giving you a first-hand experience of nature and landscapes you can only dream of. You will have to be a little tough for this one with rough roads and extreme weather expected, but that’s just part of the adventure, isn’t it?

The Congo River

 2015-08-04 23-00 Copy of C.Wilson cat walk ladies Congo border












Ashgabat to Bishkek

With an additional date added, there are now two opportunities in 2017 to go on this Central Asian trip. This journey focuses on the famous Silk Road and is perfect for the history lovers out there as you explore some of the oldest cities in the world. 20 days that you’ll never want to forget!

Bishkek to Ashgabat

This journey is the same as the above, but in reverse order. An additional date has also been added for 2017 so we can allow as many people as we can the opportunity to take up the adventure.



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The Ranter Revealed!

Kate blog pic 2

Hello Everyone!

Oasis Overland’s Director, Chris, has asked me to show you all that, despite the anti-wifi-on-trucks attitude, I’m not an old fuddy duddy who’s grumpy at the world and the “youth of today”!  I am, in fact, a (relatively) young and excitable Tour Leader, who’s been working for Oasis since I was 22, and celebrated my 10 Year Anniversary with them this year :)

As I said in the blog, I’ve watched lots of things change within the over landing industry over the years, and am of the opinion – for the most part – that rather than fight it, you may as well accept it’s happening, so adapt and enjoy!Kate Blog Pic

However, I draw the line at wifi on the trucks (as you may have read! 😉 ).  I love over landing and the drive days, however ‘samey’ the scenery is –not boring! – remain one of my favourite things of all.

Thank you to everyone who’s ‘liked’ and commented, it’s made to me so happy to realise that’s there are people out there who share my thoughts!

I’ll be posting a few more blogs over the next month or so….let’s see what mischief I can cause next time 😉

Kate :)

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Wifi or No Wifi?

That is the BIG question on our lips: how far is this wifi obsession going to spread?   It’s already at almost every hotel/hostel/campsite that we stay at! Is it going to make onto our overland trucks…??


If I have anything to do with it, definitely not.  I have already threatened to hang up my keys within minutes if Oasis Overland build a truck that is capable of reducing everyone to silence on the back, with merely the tip tap of their finger swiping as the soundtrack.

Pax side of truck Kyrgyzstan mountains

Great views!



And why would you want wifi on an Overland truck? To laugh at whatever Donald Trump has done now? Check the soccer score?  Check In @ “driving through the middle of nowhere”….Oh, wait! Oh, you just missed the elephant crossing the road, because you were too busy staring at your phone…!

Don’t get me wrong, I like to stay in touch with family and friends as much as the next person.  I enjoy posting photos of incredible sights and proudly chuffing that “I woz ‘ere”. I just don’t see the need to publicise every minute of my journey, especially if it means I might miss some incredible experience that I came on the trip especially to do.

These may sound like the rantings of some technologically-challenged, prehistoric-thinking hardcore overlander, but that’s not quite true.  I have a ‘device’, (more commonly known as an ipad) and even learnt how to use my (work) clever phone this last trip! And I love taking photos to show people around the world where I’m at, what I’m up to, and what crazy adventures I’m having.  And yes, I do that through FaceBook.  But I also (hopefully) know when to put the phone down!  Leave your wifi-connecting-machine behind and go and enjoy a beer with your fellow travellers.  These people could become new friends, new lovers, or even new enemies! But as fellow passengers, they are people who should have an impact in your trip, not just be passersby.  They are going to give you better stories, make your experiences, and provide you with waaaay better memories than your little electronic thingymagig.

Drive day, card playing

Games in the back of the truck

Overlanding has changed over the decade I’ve been on the road, there’s no doubt about it.  People expect more, and sometimes it is up to us, as tour operators, to step up and provide more.  If that means that our accommodation has to provide wifi, then for the most part, I’m okay with that.  Obviously I’d prefer it if not all of them did: my favourite places still include Snake Park Bar in Tanzania, where Ma asks for everyone to talk to each other face to face instead of through their phones! I also understand that clever phone’s have fantastic cameras, and of course you want to use them to capture exciting memories from your trip.


Greeting the locals!


But that’s where it should stop.  One of the best things about coming away is leaving the social media whirlwind behind you, breaking free of your inbox ties, and enjoying some peace and quiet.   One of my favourite things about being a Tour Leader is the people I meet; not only do I get to make some great buddies, but it’s awesome watching people form friendships (and relationships – I love a happy ending!).  I really enjoy seeing people bond over beers or hot chocolate while sitting around the campfire, playing games on the back of the truck and even waving to locals as we drive through incredible locations!



Chillin’ by the camp fire


Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if people still want to embark on adventures while their eyes are glued to their iPhone, who am I to stop them?  If people want to hash tag their way through the Amazon Jungle, or ‘Like’ their way across the Serengeti, then that’s their call.

But not on my truck!


WiFi Free Zone Rachel


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Top Destinations to see in Brazil

Ten awesome Brazil destinations you won’t believe you haven’t visited yet!

The 2016 Olympics and Paralympics brought a lot of attention and tourism to Rio de Janeiro. This, combined with less international media attention surrounding the Zika virus, travellers are again viewing Brazil as a fantastic country to visit. However, most tourists visit only Rio, Sao Paulo and Iguaçu Falls; a tiny fraction of the world’s 8th biggest country. Earlier this year, whilst on the Oasis Overland Trans South America Expedition, I discovered some unexpected and beautiful Brazilian gems.

  1. Taquaraçu

Taquaracu near Palmas

A small town nestled in the heart of Tocantins state, Taquaraçu is home to (probably) the longest zip-line in the world! There’s plenty of time to enjoy the lush views as you zoom down the 3000m long line.

9.Porto Seguro

Once you escape the busy main town (where the Portuguese first landed in Brazil over 600 years ago) you’ll be rewarded with palm lined beaches and a massive water park! Not your typical Overlanding activity, but a fun way to cool off all the same!

  1. Belém

I wasn’t expecting much from Belém; it is a large, industrial city at the mouth of the Amazon. But I was very pleasantly surprised! A combination of interesting riverside markets, the contrast of historical and modern buildings, and some of the friendliest locals I have met, made it a memorable stop on our journey.

  1. Itacaré

Just south of Salvador, Itacaré is a small, friendly fishing village, with a low-key party atmosphere. Adventurous types can lug their surfboards along winding trails to catch waves on pristine hidden beaches. A highlight from my time here was a birthday beach BBQ that involved some questionable caipirinha making skills and a very sandy cake.

6.Ouro Preto

Brazil isn’t just scorching beaches and humid rainforest. Tucked away in the highlands of Minas Gerais, is the picturesque town of Ouro Preto. Rich from centuries of gold mining, the cobbled streets are home to stunning churches, quaint cafes and indulgent ice cream parlours.

Ouro Preto








Around Carnival time, Paraty is bursting with visitors enjoying the party atmosphere. It is easy to see why it’s so popular; from the colourful boats in the harbour to well preserved old town to the sandy beaches and warm sea, Paraty has it all! A popular activity here is to enjoy a few drinks while sailing around bays and islands on a schooner.


From Trancoso, you can take tours along some of the most pristine coastline in Brazil. But even if you don’t leave this charming town you’ll be impressed by the fantastic food, top quality craft market and chilled-out residents.


Salvador isn’t exactly “off the beaten track”, but it’s often overlooked by travellers in favour of the larger coastal city of Rio. Salvador is the definition of a melting pot; the food, textiles, music and dance found there are all heavily influenced by its Afro-Brazilian residents. Often visitors are put off by Salvador’s notoriety for petty crime. I’d recommend leaving all your valuables behind while exploring; you’ll be able to enjoy this colourful city even more if you’re not looking through a camera lens the whole time!

2.Pedra Caida

Somewhere between Palmas and Belem, far from any towns, you’ll stumble upon a bizarre tourist complex. At first glance you may be fooled into thinking it’s merely an overpriced, run down holiday park. But as you follow your guide, holiday park turns to wooden path then wooden path turns to rocky stream. Soon enough you have to change into your swimmers and swim the last few metres into a cave. Your efforts are rewarded with the spectacular waterfall of Pedra Caida and a refreshing splash in the pool below. It really is a magical sight!

Chapada Diamantes NP Brazil 1.Lençóis

The number one ‘most awesome Brazil destination you won’t believe you haven’t visited yet’ has to be…drum roll please… Lençóis! This friendly little town is right next to Chapada de los Diamantes NP; a picturesque national park with plateaus, caves and waterfalls. The town itself is full of cafes selling local tapioca pancakes by day and in the evenings they transform the streets into lively outdoor bars. If that doesn’t convince you that Lençóis deserves the top spot, then how about this; the town is within walking distance of a natural water slide and it’s free to use!

If you’d be interested in visiting any of these awesome places, then check out the following Oasis Overland trips:

RIO to MANAUS via THE GUIANAS (57 days) Tropics of South America

RIO to QUITO via THE GUIANAS (15 weeks) Trans South America – NEW FOR 2018

QUITO to QUITO inc. GUIANAS (31 weeks) Trans South America – NEW FOR 2017

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Overland from London to Beijing

For allyou wanderlust travellers, the overland from London to Beijing is definitely a trip to check out. We’d even go as far as to say it’s a once in a lifetime experience – a true cliché, we know! The tripis 17 weeks in total and is one of our ultimate overland expeditions. If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in, read on for more information.

Where you’ll go

This trip will take you through 19 countries – something you can rarely do at the extremely reasonable prices that we offer – from Europe to Central Asia, ending at the magnificent Great Wall of China. You’ll visit countries such as France, Germany, Romania, Iran and Kazakhstan, giving you a bountiful experience of different cultures and ways of life. You’ll arrive home feeling very well-travelled, we assure you!

What you’ll get up to

With so many different countries and 17 weeks to explore, we’ve packed this trip with excursions and activities so you can get a well-rounded and exciting experience. You’ll be sure to see a lot of history wherever you go, from the ruins of Persepolis where Alexander the Great wreaked destruction to the Tyne Cot 1st World War Cemetery in Belgium. You’ll also be treated to tours around some of the most beautiful cities in Europe and Central Asia, and visit famous sites such as Bran (Dracula’s) castle and The Terracotta Army Warriors – the astounding mass of sculptures of soldiers buried with China’s first emperor. We’d love to talk all day about what you’ll be getting up to, but it’s probably best if you check out the detailed itinerary for more information.You’ll also have optional excursions which you don’t have to take part in. This will leave you with plenty of time to explore certain areas on your own or in smaller groups, or to just take some time out to relax.

Why choose Oasis Overland?

With a trip like this, you’ll want to know you’re in safe and secure hands, which is where we come in. We’re a smaller business than most, meaning that each of our trips and each of our customers are given the attention they require by our staff. However, our small number doesn’t mean we’re inexperienced, having been running for over 19 years! We think our knowledge and expertise are extremely sound, having been at the job for so long. Our firm also prides itself on getting the best trips for you at the lowest cost, and we won’t include any hidden fees or nasty surprises along the way. Our main aim is to give you the peace of mind you’ll want prior to and throughout your trip, knowing that nothing will go wrong with such experienced staff.

Our Overland from London to Beijing is a truly spectacular trip. It’s perfect for lone travellers or families, and takes you around some of the most interesting and beautiful places in Europe and Central Asia. Trust us when we say that this is a trip you would never regret – or forget!

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Dispelling the Myths around Overland Tours

If you’ve never been on an overland tour before, then you’ll probably have your own pre-conceptions about what it involves.   Adventure holidays are really popular at the moment, as people look to challenge themselves and take an unforgettable trip away, vastly different from a traditional beach holiday.

Bush camping in AfricaBefore going on an overland tour, people have lots of questions and rightly so. Adventure holidays aren’t for everyone but we’re confident that if you do choose to travel with us and in one of our overland vehicles, you’ll have a truly breath-taking trip, see amazing sights and have memorable experiences. Here at Oasis Overland, we’re passionate and committed to bringing you the best adventure yet!

Our whole overland tour group in one tent!StandardsPlaying cards in the back of the truck  

The countries that we take you to are extremely varied and so some of them don’t have the type of infrastructure that we’re used to. This can mean that roads are sometimes difficult to navigate, the hot water may not work in a campsite or a border may close without notice. Rest assured that our teams are professional and experienced, have lots of local expertise and know the areas that we take you to. While we can’t always account for little hiccups along the way, we can quickly put most of these right, whilst the more difficult obstacles to our journey, we have the experience and resources at hand to do our best to overcome. Your safety and enjoyment of the trip is of the upmost importance, and our trips remain flexible, so that we can ensure this.

Using sandmats on our Trans Africa overland expeditionItineraries

The nature of the trips you’ll be going on is adventurous and that means that itineraries that are put in place can be subject to change. The weather can impact on plans, as well as all types of local and political issues in the countries that you visit. Should we need to change our itinerary whilst on the road, we always aim to propose alternative locations and activities that won’t compromise on the enjoyment of your trip.

Our overland truck and group bush camping in AfricaVehicles

Our overland vehicles are purpose built to cope with the types of conditions and climates of the countries that we take you to all over the world. We own and operate all of our own vehicles on our Overland Adventures and Ultimate Overland Expeditions which means that we ensure that they’re up to standard and prepared to take you on the trip of a lifetime. There’s personal space for your luggage and belongings and the sociable lay-out means that you’ll have every chance to chat and get to know your fellow travellers.


We make our trips as affordable as possible. It all depends on the length of the trip you want to go on and where, but we’re confident there’ll be a trip in your price-range. You can add on optional activities and volunteering opportunities along the way, but it’s completely up to you.

Take a leap into the unknown and travel with us in one of our overland vehicles. You’ll get to see awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable scenery as well as experience different cultures, all whilst travelling with some great people!

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Oasis Photo Competition Winners Announced!

Finally the wait is over! Here are the winners of the Oasis Photo Competition! Congratulations to you all and we look forward to seeing you on another trip with us soon.

Old man, Khiva, Uzbekistan - Lars - 1st prize

Old man in Khiva, Uzbekistan


1st Prize goes to Lars who took this fantastic photo of an old man in Khiva, Uzbekistan during his Ultimate Trans Europe and Asia overland adventure from London to Singapore. Lars wins a £200 voucher off any Oasis Overland trip!

Bushcamping under the stars, Namibia - Xun - 2nd prize

Bushcamping under the stars, Namibia







2nd Prize goes to Xun – this amazing photo was taken whilst bush camping near Brandberg Mountain in Namibia. He was experiencing our Victoria Falls to Cape Town 22 days Deserts and Gameparks overland trip!  Xun wins a £100 voucher off any Oasis Overland trip.

On the drive to Torres del Paine - Maya - 3rd prize

On the drive to Torres del Paine, Chile


3rd Prize goes to Maya who captured this wonderful shot of the mountains of Torres del Paine National Park on her Oasis Kingdoms & Carnivals trip from Quito to Rio.  Maya wins a £50 voucher off any Oasis Overland trip!




Congratulations to Lars, Xun and Maya who are all winners in our Oasis Photo Competition!  We wonder which trips they will choose to go on next?  Thanks to everyone who entered, all the photos we received were fantastic and it was really hard to choose the best ones.  Our next competition closes end of February 2017 so enter your Oasis Overland trip photos to be in with a chance of winning money off your next overland adventure! You might see some of your photos on our website too.

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Tell us All About Your Trip

Crocodile,  West Africa

We love hearing about your experiences on our trips and we know how useful your travel reviews are for anyone considering booking a trip. As a little incentive anyone posting a trip review between now and February 13th  2017 will be automatically entered into a competition to win £200, or a crate of beer * off their next Oasis trip. On February 14th 2017, we’ll spread a little bit of Oasis love and inform the lucky winner. Post your reviews here.

(*Winner will be selected at random on 14th February. No cash alternative. Beer alternative is subject to where you live in the world-but we will do our best!! Discounted trip must be booked by 30/9/17 ).

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