Galapagos Islands Cruise - 8 Days / 7 Nights

These islands are world-renowned for Charles Darwins studies in the 19th century and for the huge number of endemic species that inhabit them. Explore these remote, volcanic islands by yacht and encounter some of their unique wildlife such as Darwins famous Finches, Marine Iguana, Blue-footed Booby and Giant Tortoise. Your Galapagos Island Cruise can take place before or after your Oasis Overland trip!

A £600 deposit is required to book this trip, subject to availability.

Flights can be arranged to the Galapagos and back from either Quito or Guayaquil.
Please note that due to the fluctuation in flight costs, we price flights separately on top of the cost of your cruise.
Flights are currently costing £499 return. These will be added to your account at the point of booking upon receiving your request.

Trip Starts: Friday
Trip Ends
: Friday

Spending money approx per week: US$100 - US$150 per week

Accommodation: Shared twin cabin (bunk beds).

Meals: Included whilst on board, purified water (dietary requirements must be notified to Lorena at collection of the vouchers)

Your Itinerary will be confirmed with you 2 weeks before travel, along with optional flight ticket information. There are now mandatory 15 day routings for all vessels in place, meaning that different itineraries will be followed on different departure dates.

Pre-Departure Information & hotels
We recommend taking an extra day or two either before, or after, your Galapagos Cruise. We can help you reserve a room at the following hotel.

Hotel Majestic close to the new city area
Mercadillo 366 y Versailles

Tel +593 2 543 182
Fax +593 2 504 207

Cost approx per room - Single US$20, Double US$25, Triple US$38 all rooms have a bathroom.

On arrival into Quito city you are required to check in with Lorena, our Quito, Galapagos representative, 24 hours to departure when she will check your documents and issue you a voucher for the cruise.

Lorena - Agencia Tierra de Fuego - Address:Av. Amazonas N23-23 y Veintimilla - Phone:(+ 593) 2601 0183 / 2250 1418 / 2604 6567 Mobile:(+ 593) 998104975 / (+ 593) 9983 1921

Airport Transfer - included in Quito

The transfer is arranged with Lorena in Quito during the Check-in process.

Airport Transfer in the Galapagos Islands - Included
Transfer between the airport and dock in the Islands is included - look out for the name of your ship on a sign!

Currency: US$

Not included

Life on Board

The motor sail boat can carry a maximum of 16 passengers, split between 8 twin cabins (two with double beds) each with a private bathroom and a/c. If you are travelling alone, we will do our upmost to team you up with another person who is also travelling on your Overland tour. If this is not possible you will share with a non Oasis client. The yacht crew will try to pair two people of the same sex together, however on occasions you may find that you are sharing with someone of the opposite sex. Unfortunately due to the size of the vessel they cannot guarantee same-sex rooming. Alternatively we will discuss what single supplement options are available.

Food is included whilst on board, but you will need to pay for drinks.

You will have an English speaking Nature Guide on board who will join you on the various walks and be on hand to answer your questions throughout your cruise.

You will be able to hire a snorkel and mask for the duration of your cruise, and a wetsuit or, you are obviously welcome to bring your own equipment.

Useful information
Background on Ecuador and the City of Quito

Ecuador offers a wide range of climatic zones within its small territory. From the tropical rainforest in the Amazon basin to the world famous volcanoes in the Andes, its topography, flora and fauna are unique. Ecuador is divided into 3 climate areas The Costa on the Pacific with its banana, coffee and cacao plantations, the Sierra with its volcanoes, Cotopaxi and Chimborazo, and the Oriente, the Amazon in the East. Each of these areas can be reached within a short time by public bus or plane from Quito. The people of these regions are as varied as the climate and the authentic Andean markets, their amazing array of colours are present everywhere.

Is the home of many language schools and an ideal location to spend one or more weeks learning Spanish. At 2850m, it offers a mild and dry climate. This beautiful city is surrounded by mountains and white volcanoes and was declared a world heritage site of culture by UNESCO in 1978. The city is divided into the old town with many magnificent colonial buildings and modern Quito, with its new buildings, comfortable residential areas, shopping centres, restaurants and discos. People living in the old part of the city have to get by with much less. Social differences are visible and cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, each one of these two different worlds offers something special to the visitor. Click here for more details of our Spanish School add on.

Is just 2 hours bus ride from the Capital and probably the second most visited place in Ecuador after Quito. People come here for the famous Saturday market, one of South Americas best lesser markets are on Sundays and Wednesdays it has become so popular that there are now vendors in the Plaza everyday of the week. The Artesan market is in the Plaza de Ponchos, which is the central area of town and surrounded by restaurants, cafes, shops, services etc.

In South America you will experience a varying degree of climatic changes. The rains in the Andes usually occur between November and April, which means downpours once or twice a day with the rest of the day usually warm and sunny. The nights however can get very cold, so be prepared for all climates. The jungles are very hot with high humidity plus regular downpours of rain usually year round. Quito has a mild climate but evenings can get cold during the winter months of June to August, so bring clothes for all climates; rough stuff is best.

Ecuador is between 4-5 hours behind the UK. Time is something that many South American people seem to have plenty of. Things that should take 5 minutes can take an hour. Try not to speed things up as this just leads to greater frustration. The one word you will hear a lot of is Manana - or tomorrow.

At present, nationalities of UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada do not require visas for Ecuador. If you hold a different passport other than mentioned above then we would advise you to double check.

Vaccinations & Health
We are unable to advise on vaccination requirements, so please use this information and chart only as a guide. Please consult a reputable travel clinic or GP for advice on any medical issues. We suggest allowing 8 weeks to get all your vaccinations. For more information check out or Oasis travellers receive a 10% discount on vaccinations & medical kits from the Nomad Travel Clinic.




Hep A











Y = Advised
There are other vaccines not listed here which are sometimes recommended - please see a registered GP or Travel Health clinic for further advice. Cholera, Diphtheria all countries advise, Hep B, Rabies etc.

Yellow Fever - Being vaccinated against Yellow Fever and having a valid certificate and a photocopy is deemed compulsory in some countries we visit, especially at certain borders and are needed if you are entering from an Infected country.

Rabies - Vaccinations are regularly advised for all countries that we travel through in Africa - especially if time and money are not a deterrent.

In some of the areas we visit there is a risk of contracting Malaria. You must be aware that whatever malaria prophylactics you are taking, they only offer partial protection. They must be coupled with your own physical efforts against being bitten - which is the best prevention. Malaria-carrying mosquitoes come out at sunset so from this time you should wear long sleeves and trousers. Exposed skin, especially ankles, should have insect repellent containing Deet applied to them. Your crew will advise on where the worst affected areas are on the trip. There are a number of prophylactic malaria treatments on the market & requirements change. It is also wise to take a sample of whichever prophylactic you choose, a few weeks before you leave. This way you may determine early on if you have any adverse reactions so you can change the regimen if necessary. For more detailed information visit

Medical advice should be taken particularly if you are visiting the jungle in Ecuador or Peru, the Brazilian Pantanal or Iguaçu Falls in either Argentina or Brazil as part of your trip.

Altitude sickness
This is caused by thin air and can affect anyone arriving at high altitude above 3000mtrs. The symptoms are headaches, dizziness, shortage of breath and possibly nausea. To avoid this or alleviate the symptoms rest for a few hours, and avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, large meals, and take it easy for at least 24 hours and drink plenty of water.

As we are travelling mostly by land as opposed to flying into a high altitude location we should acclimatise gradually, and so avoid soroche, mountain sickness.

Travel Insurance
It is a compulsory requirement that you have adequate travel insurance before you join any Oasis Trip & at the very least are insured for all necessary medical & repatriation costs incurred overseas with a minimum sum insured of £500,000. You will be asked to provide the relative documentation as proof of cover before the trip starts.

We believe that your safety and holiday enjoyment are very important. It is a mistake to think that "it will never happen to me". It is also very important that you are covered for all the activities that you may wish to undertake while on our trip. Click here for details of travel insurance that we offer.

It is best to bring your money as one-third in US Dollars cash and two thirds in US Dollars Travellers Cheques TCs. The local currency in Ecuador is the US Dollar. Credit Cards, especially Visa, Masters and American Express are accepted and there are several ATM cash machines in Quito that you can use if you have a pin number. However, these dont always work, so dont completely rely on credit cards for cash advances. You should ask your card issuer what they will charge you for using your card to withdraw cash overseas. We suggest that people allow US$ 100-150 per week; this is to include spending money, side trips, meals out, drinks, emails, souvenirs, and arrival / departure taxes. This is an estimated figure as personal spending habits and budgets vary hugely from person to person.

Is usually expected. It is often more than a reward for services well done, but, as wages are extremely low, it is an accepted means of supplementing an income. Keep small change on you so as not to incur a large demand when it is seen you can afford more. All prices are negotiable, especially in markets. Many travellers find it a hassle having to bargain for everything they wish to buy, but prices are usually inflated so if you are not happy, move on to another place. You are under no obligation to buy so dont be intimidated.

All accommodation & airport transfers for trip add ons should be used as a guide only.

Just add this on to your trip when booking. Once requested your Add On cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Please be aware that up to 2 months before your departure, the cost of the Galapagos Islands Cruise may change, due to currency fluctuations and/or price increases by the national park, local operators or government taxes.