Volunteer - Lion Rehabilitation Project

This hands-on volunteer programme enables you to leave your imprint on Africa playing a vital part in conserving the African Lion. You will learn about lion behaviour and help with research data while living and working in an authentic game park in the beautiful Zimbabwe midlands, located at Antelope Park Game reserve.

Over the past 40 years, the African lion population has decreased by an astonishing 80 – 90% with an estimated number of lions in Africa today as low as 32,000. Lion populations have continued to decline, with up to 18 sub-populations believed to have existed in 2002 having now been confirmed as extinct.

In an attempt to offset the rapid decline of lion populations, rehabilitation programs have been established that aim to release cubs of captive bred lions into appropriate national parks and reserves across Africa where they can one day have their own wild-born offspring. The aim of the Lion Rehabilitation Program is to restore lion populations within Eastern and Southern Africa through an initiative that will also provide social benefits to surrounding communities.

There are a variety of activities with regards to the Lion Project including; walk lions in the wild to familiarize them with their natural environment, cub sits, provide water for the lions, make food for the elephants or horses, enclosure maintenance, behaviour enrichment for the lions, enclosure cleaning, boundary patrols, meat preparation, snare sweeping and bush walks.

Since the launch of the Lion Conservation Volunteer Project, there has been amazing progress with the help of dedicated staff, persistent visionaries, and passionate international volunteers. The rehabilitation program has expanded across two more locations, who now have a total of three lion conservation projects working hard to raise captive-bred lion cubs to be released into the wild.

As part of the program a number of research activities are conducted to better understand lion behaviour and ecology. The lion walks offer unique opportunities to observe lions close up in their natural environment with the data collected assisting us to make the best decisions for the animal’s welfare and eventual release. Volunteers will assist our research technician in gathering and analyzing this vital data.

The "Project Contribution" included in your overall fee will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the project during your actual volunteer stay on the ground.

All of our Projects require you to be in good health, be reasonably fit, and a minimum of 18 years of age.


Prices - A £300 deposit is required to book this project. Please note the average weekly price reduces for every extra week booked. All prices are in Pounds Sterling (£GBP) and are per person (pp). Once requested your volunteer project cannot be refunded or exchanged.

No. of Weeks

Twin/Quad (pp)

2 Weeks


3 Weeks


4 Weeks


Advertised price based on 2 week project. Please ask for a price if you have more weeks to spare.

Dates: Please contact Oasis Overland in regards to Start dates for this project


NOT Included:

During your stay you will have the opportunity to enjoy excursions to some of Zimbabwe’s spectacular sights. Day trips are offered to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins as well as Granite Ridge in the beautiful Matobo National Park. Once a month a trip to Victoria Falls is organised for those volunteers who are interested. Additional sight-seeing can be arranged directly through your project.

Project Orientation

Project involvement

The research studies being undertaken whilst on your placement will vary depending on the needs of the project at the time but may include looking at hunting development, character traits, spoor sizes or mane growth. You will receive all the training you need in order to ensure that you are able to provide valuable input to this program regardless of previous experience.

Much focus will be on management and maintenance of the Reserve, one of the most constructive activities which you will participate in during your stay at Antelope Park. Reserve Management will consist of many things which are all of huge benefit to the Park as a whole. Activities which you will be involved in are (depending on the season) -

You may also be asked to assist in other duties at the wildlife reserve such as:

Volunteer Highlights

Accommodation and Hours
Volunteer accommodations are a mixture of comfortable twin or quad thatched roof rooms at the main reserve camp with clean shower and toilet facilities located adjacent to the sleeping area.

Other facilities include a stunning swimming pool and internet access (access can be sporadic due to our remote location). Your room will be cleaned daily by the housekeeping staff and you will have weekly laundry services provided. All your meals, unless you happen to take a packed breakfast into the park on a long lion walk, will be served at the main camp and are guaranteed to leave you feeling nourished and happy!

Hours are normally between 06:30 until and 18:45 followed by dinner, although this can vary depending on season.

Volunteers should fly into Bulawayo or Harare where one of our project coordinators will meet you at the airport. Same day transfers to the park can be arranged for Bulawayo arrivals, however, please note that in some instances for arrivals in to Harare and Zimbabwe, and depending on your arrival time, it may be required that you stay overnight in the respective arrival city, at our affiliated volunteer lodges.

It is a compulsory requirement that you have adequate travel insurance before you join any Oasis Trip & at the very least are insured for all necessary medical & repatriation costs incurred overseas with a recommended sum insured of £500,000. It is also wise to leave a copy of your insurance policy with a friend or relative for safe keeping.

Please ensure that your policy covers you for Volunteering work and activities.
We believe that your safety and holiday enjoyment are very important. It is a mistake to think that "it will never happen to me". It is also very important that you are covered for all the activities that you may wish to undertake while on our trip.

For further information on the insurance we offer, the activities covered, costs and how to book - please check out the Insurance section of our website.

Visas and Vaccinations
Most nationalities require a Visa for Zimbabwe. It is possible to obtain a Holiday Visa upon arrival into Zimbabwe which is valid for 3 months; however, you can also obtain a Holiday Visa prior to departing from your local Zimbabwean Embassy.

As we are not medically trained - we are unable to give detailed or professional adviceon vaccination requirements, therefore please consult a reputable travel clinic or GP for advice on any medical issues. We suggest allowing 8 weeks to get all your vaccinations. For more information visit: www.fitfortravel.scot.nhs.uk or www.nomadtravel.co.uk Oasis travellers receive a 10% discount on vaccinations, medical kits, clothing and camping equipment from the Nomad Travel Clinic - you will receive your discount code on your booking receipt. Medical advice should also be taken regarding Malaria risks.

Clothing and Equipment
Please see our full list of Clothing and Equipment, in the Before You Go section, for the Overland trip that you are undertaking before or after this project. This should more than cover the items you will need for your Project. You will also receive a full Welcome Pack from our Project Provider, after booking, that will list any other items.

Responsible Travel
Before you go

While Youre Travelling

From experience gained in running trips, we have developed our own practical and a manageable environmental policy. We welcome your input on this, plus any new ideas you may have, to improve our existing procedures. As a guide heres a few tips to bear in mind.

For books dedicated to travelling more responsibly & ethically see: www.tourismconcern.org.uk

Please note that you will be required to fill out an application form prior to being accepted on the Project. You may also be asked for references.

This Project can be combined with any other African Project.