Authorisation Code for Iran Visa

You must obtain your visa for Iran before arriving at the border, and most travellers prefer to have it in their passport before they start their trip with us. All nationals must apply for and be granted an Authorisation Code before they apply for their visa. These codes are granted by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and once they are processed are sent directly to the embassy or consulate where you will get your visa, and you are also provided with a copy. A number of different agencies can offer this service, and you are welcome to use whichever you like for your trip with us. Oasis Overland can submit an application on your behalf at a cost of £55 per person.

If you choose to apply for your Code through Oasis Overland, we will send you the relevant forms and documentation within the appropriate time frame for your trip. Please note we cannot apply for these any more than three months before the proposed date of entry into Iran on your trip. For more information, please contact us at or give us a call on +44(0)1963 363 400.