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Tunisia Tours

Tunisia Tours

With its vast Mediterranean coastlines, out-stretched desert lands and endless skies, Tunisia was once known as the breadbasket of the Roman Empire. A tour to Tunisia will expose you to its deep French, Spanish and Phoenician cultural roots. It’s this history, coupled with the striking beauty of the country that sees Tunisia tours on the rise with travellers looking for something extraordinary.

Travelling by road in Tunisia is a great way to see the many regions of this striking country. The major highways and byways were upgraded in 2002 when the government invested a large sum towards their maintenance.

Tunisia Tour Highlights


A must visit destination on any Tunisia tour, the coastal capital of the country is comprised of a remarkable mix of styles, visible in everything from the early architecture to the modern inhabitants. There are plenty of Roman Empire ruins to visit in Tunis, museums to peruse and real life beauty not to be missed.


This is a village of troglodyte dwellings, homes built into the ground to provide shelter from the intense heat and, in days gone by, from attack.  Famous as the setting for Luke Skywalker’s home in the Star Wars movie, visitors can even stay in an underground hotel.


The largest and most dramatic Roman site in Tunisia, Dougga was occupied even before the arrival of the Romans.  It was deserted when the Vandals invaded, leaving the remains of theatres, mausoleums, temples and streets to be seen today.

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