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South American Travel

South American travel with Oasis Overland will give you the ultimate in overland travel. South America is best experienced in a way that best suits its rugged landscape – in a truck expedition. Visit a variety of countries each with their own defining culture and heritage that together make overland travel in South America an unforgettable treat.

South America: Travel the Continent
Discover for yourself the world famous attractions that South America has to offer when you opt for overland travel in South America. Some of the sites include:

  • The Inca Trail. The route used by the Inca people to travel in the time of the Inca Empire. This is probably one of the most popular walking routes, thanks to the breathtaking scenery and well-preserved remnants of an ancient civilisation.
  • Amazon Jungle. The ‘lungs of the Earth’ are home to the greatest variety of animal and plant life in the world. South American travel is nothing without a visit to the untouched magical wonder offered by the Amazon.
  • Andes Mountains. The highest mountain range outside of Asia is surely a must-see. The Andean people are full of old-world warmth and hospitality. Spending time with them will introduce you to their tradition and culture.
  • Machu Picchu. The highlight of the Inca Trail is the ruins of this ancient city. Not only is it an archaeological wonder, but Machu Picchu is said to have a great sense of spirituality that touches all who visit it.

Oasis Overland has put a lot of research into their tours to South America. We specialise in the type of overland travel in South America that will guarantee that your experiences linger on in your memory long after you have left South America. Travel with Oasis Overland for a real adventure.

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