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Going the distance: Quito to Santiago

The Quito to Santiago overland tour is an extension of the Quito to La Paz tour. While some people choose to leave the tour at La Paz, keen travellers spend the extra 27 days with the Oasis trip and maximise their overland experience. This magical leg of the journey will ensure some unforgettable experiences and provide travellers with a unique opportunity to get a real feel for the rural South American way of life.

The Overland Journey

Leaving La Paz, on the Quito to Santiago overland tour, the trucks enter the barren and harsh climate of the Bolivian interior. In this bleak region there is little infrastructure. What roads there are are in a shocking condition and the people eek their living from the land in a truly humbling manner. Travellers will also have the opportunity to visit ancient mining towns where the mining techniques have remained the same for centuries.

As the journey continues, fascinating, but austere Bolivia gives way to the magnificent Andean mountain passes of Argentina, and on to the colonial city of Salta. Here travellers will have a few days to relax and rejuvenate before the final leg of the journey.

Finally, the tour crosses its last border into Chile. Small oasis towns and a host of exhilarating activities are the perfect end to the unforgettable Quito to Santiago overland tour. Many of the party who were perfect strangers just months before will bid each other fond farewells, and many will return and meet again for another adventure.

To be a part of this incredible South American overland tour, contact Oasis Overland today. We have a range of overland tours that will take you to locations you’ve only ever dreamed of. Request a tour dossier today.

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