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See the Nazca Lines with Oasis Overland

On a Peru tour, travellers can always be assured of adventure, of a unique cultural and historical experience and of an enchanting and diverse landscape, wherever they may choose to visit. There are however, some ‘must-see’ destinations that should be included in any Peru travel itinerary. One of these is, without question, the Nazca Lines.

Nazca Lines: Etchings in the Desert

An enigma to many, the Nazca Lines are geolyphs and geometric line clearings that have been etched into the surface of the Peruvian desert. The lines are thought to have been created by the Nazca people, a civilization situated along the rivers and streams that flow through the Andes Mountains between 200 BC and 600 AD The designs consist of geometric line clearings, shapes and also stylised depictions of human figures, animals and plants. Best viewed from the air, they also appear to have been drawn into the soil after dark surface stones were removed, exposing the lighter coloured sub-soil.

An Integral Part of Peru Travel

Nazca is a unique and inimitable aspect of any trip to Peru. Not only is the area laden with mystery, but the spectacular perfection of the lines should not be overlooked. Theorists have proposed that the lines were created by aliens, by the gods or by giants. Whatever the true answer, their sheer magnitude is awe-inspiring, and whether you are a traveller with a nose for mystery, a seeker of scenic beauty, an individual with a spirit for adventure or a cynic, the Nazca Lines are certain to enchant you.

Seize the Day and Travel to Peru

Oasis Overland Tours organises trips to see the Nazca Lines as a part of our trips to Peru and its surrounding areas. Travel in South America and particularly Peru tours cannot be considered complete without a visit to this magnificent location. If adventure calls, contact Oasis Overland Tours and book your trip to Peru. You will not be disappointed.

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