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The Colca Canyon with Oasis Overland

Oasis Overland trips offer a unique and excitement-filled tour of Peru that includes many intriguing sights and attractions. During the Peru Encompassed tour, one of the featured stops is in the great city of Arequipa.  During the four days spent here on the tour visitors can go horseback riding, white water rafting and cycling, experiencing this spectacular area to its full potential.

A trip out for a Colca Canyon adventure is also on the agenda and the 100 mile trip is well worth it. Twice as deep as the American Grand Canyon, at over 3000m, this natural miracle is a sight to be seen.

The name Colca comes from the word used to describe the smaller holes and crevices that dot the canyon’s walls. In Inca times and before, these holes were used to store food and possessions and even to entomb the revered deceased. In more recent times, the Spanish built churches and towns around the canyon, but they failed to thrive and the area is now primarily a tourist destination. The richly decorated churches have been preserved and make for an awe-inspiring afternoon’s sight seeing.

Colca Canyon Adventures

The Colca Canyon offers many attractions for visitors. Besides its own breathtaking beauty that can captivate attention for hours, the Colca Canyon’s adventure sports offerings are perfect for the avid adrenalin seeker. Mountain biking, white water rafting and trekking are all supplemented by the most spectacular backdrop of scenery.

The Colca Canyon’s other main attraction is that it is home to the legendary Andean Condor. This majestic bird has captured the world’s attention and efforts to preserve it are ongoing. Their wingspan of three and a half metres is a magnificent sight and it is easy to spend hours simply watching their lazy soaring on the canyon’s rising thermals. The Cruz del Condor or Condor Crossing lookout, 1200m below the rim of the canyon, is the perfect place to watch these birds at close range. Morning and late afternoon is their hunting time and being witness to this event adds that special something to a Colca Canyon adventure.

Consider booking your Peru Encompassed and Colca Canyon adventure tour in the months between June and September, when the condors are out in force and there can be several circling the canyon at once, offering a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

Contact Oasis Overland today to find out more about the Colca Canyon adventure aspect of the Peru tours or any other exciting trip on offer.

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