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Peru’s beautiful Lake Titicaca

One of the highlights of the Peru Encompassed tour offered by Oasis Overland Adventures is a night spent on one of the islands in the middle of the great Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is the largest body of water in South America and lies on the border of Peru and Bolivia. Fed by rivers, rainfall and the melting snow off the glaciers of the Andes Mountains, Lake Titicaca is a source of water for the populations of the 42 man-made Uros Islands.

The islands of Lake Titicaca are constructed from the reeds of the lake and were originally designed by the Uros Indians to be portable, should a threat ever arise. Their unique nature and the ancient traditions of their people entices many curious visitors to travel here and imagine Peru as it once was hundreds of years ago.

Lake Titicaca with Oasis Overland

The Oasis Overland tour of Peru includes a boat ride in and amongst these incredible floating neighbourhoods and introduces visitors to some of the world’s last ancient traditions and cultures that are still perfectly preserved. Meet the people of the islands and get a breathtaking view of Lake Titicaca from a reed watchtower.

Oasis then takes you on a unique Taquile Island tour.

The Taquile Island Tour

The hilly island of Taquile is long and narrow and began life as a Spanish penal colony. Returning to the control of the Taquile people just over thirty years ago, the island now sports a 3000 strong population. Renowned for their beautiful textiles, these people have retained traditions that are centuries old. A Taquile Island tour is like stepping back in time, to the peaceful simple living of the original Peruvian people.

The Oasis Overland Taquile Island tour allows visitors to get to know the locals by spending time enjoying their warm hospitality. This unforgettable experience includes a walk up to some of the oldest ruins in Peru, even pre-dating the Incas. A small shop lets you purchase some of the most original and beautiful textiles and small restaurants in the town offer food that you may never experience again.

A Taquile Island tour is not only an eye-opening and unforgettable experience but also help the people of the island by providing extra income possibilities. Learn about the Andean people and their customs for a night that is the highlight of the Oasis Overland Peru Encompassed tour.

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