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Vilcabamba Trek

A Piece of Inca History

Often overlooked, the Vilcabamba hike is one that takes trekkers on a journey through Inca history interspersed with unforgettable scenic beauty and an aura of magic. Inhabited by the Inca civilisation until 1572, this zone, a mountainous jungle region that lies between the Urubamba and Apurimac Rivers, was forgotten for generations and, when it was discovered, was dismissed as being historically unimportant.

Subsequently rediscovered, Vilcabamba remains largely unchanged. Shrouded in mystery with the ghostly beauty of misty crags and deep forest, no one knows the extent of the ruins that lie beneath its enigma. It is this peculiar aura that continues to attract visitors and trekkers to the region.

The Hike

The Vilcabamba Trek winds through historic villages, follows the trail of the last Incas of Vilcabamba and passes ancient religious shrines. Combined with this feast of history and culture, trekkers on the Vilcabamba hike are treated to the glory of the Andean countryside; lush and green, complete with snow-capped glaciers, tumbling rivers and dramatic peaks. It culminates in your arrival at Vilcabamba, where you can explore vine covered temples and palaces beneath a high canopy.

Find out More

A must-see for adventurous trekkers, the Vilcambamba Trek is an ideal way to get a taste of the Andean countryside and an authentic experience of Peruvian history and culture. For more information about hiking the Vilcabamba trek, contact Oasis Overland Tours.

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