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Adventure in South America

South America is the place of fantasies – exotic rain forests, colourful festivals, rich historical sites and beautiful scenery. Making a trip to this continent worthwhile is difficult as everything is spaced fairly far apart and many of the most spectacular areas are unreachable by normal means. Because of its terrain, South America is best experienced through adventure travel and this is best done with Oasis Overland.

Adventure Travel in South America with Oasis Overland

Oasis Overland does adventure travel in South America like no other company. Most of the tour leaders have done the tours themselves as passengers and know firsthand just which sights are the most incredible to see for the first time. This company only takes out small groups at a time, ensuring personalised attention and the chance to speak up and see exactly what you want to see during your time of adventure travel in South America.

What Does Adventure Travel in South America Really Mean?

Heading out for adventure travel in South America entails seeing some of the most majestic and amazing places known to man, from Machu Picchu to the city of Rio de Janeiro. You will traverse the continent in comfortable, yet rustic trucks that can go places that no bus or car ever could. These vehicles offer ample space and comforts, but may require you to get stuck in and help dig them out the mud and sand every once in a while That is part of the beauty of adventure travel in South America – you are part of the journey and can truly say that you yourself traversed this continent. Some nights see you sleeping in hotels, while often you will camp and sleep under the stars after cooking your own dinner over a fire.

Adventure Travel South America Tours

Depending on your interests, Oasis Overland is guaranteed to have the right South America adventure travel tour for you.

  • Andes and Amazon – a South America adventure travel tour that acts as a great introduction to the continent.
  • Coast to Coast – an exciting mix of city lights and natural beauty.
  • Kingdoms and Carnivals – adventure travel in South America on this trip offers an ideal summary of all of the continent’s best features.
  • The Cordilleras – for those wanting to really get off the beaten track.

Contact Oasis Overland today to find out more.

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