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Go from Istanbul to Cairo

Many people are tired of the traditional holidays of European cities and urban living and are looking for not only new destinations, but new ways to see these areas too. Istanbul and Cairo are two of the world’s most mythical cities and deserve to be toured in a manner as unique as the areas themselves. Travelling from Istanbul to Cairo in the purpose built expedition trucks from Oasis Overland will ensure that you can see the best of these two cities and everywhere in between from the most unique perspective possible.

What an Istanbul to Cairo Trip Offers

The Oasis Overland Oasis Caravan trip starts in Istanbul and starts off with a tour of this area which includes everything from war memorials to olive groves. From here the tour leaves Europe and enters Asia to camp along a side of the Mediterranean than few people think to explore.

The many sites along this trip from Istanbul to Cairo are adorned with wide clear night skies making star gazing an every night pleasure. The mud baths near the Dead Sea make for unforgettable relaxation – or mud fights. A more calming and often very moving experience can be had at the foot of Mount Sinai just before crossing the Suez Canal to Egypt.

From trips down the Nile to visiting the tomb of Tutankhamen, an Istanbul to Cairo trip with Oasis Overland finds its perfect end in this city.

How to Travel between Istanbul and Cairo

One of the most exciting ways to travel between Istanbul and Cairo is on one of Oasis Overland’s purpose built expedition trucks. These expedition vehicles only carry 24 people at a time, ensuring maximum comfort and space for trip participants. With 4×4 capabilities, these trucks can go where most tour buses could never venture en route between Istanbul and Cairo. The easy to access lockers ensure that trip participants can get to their belongings at any time and roof viewing platforms allow them to see every aspect of the landscape, even while on the move. These sociable, well thought out vehicles make an Istanbul to Cairo trip not only comfortable, but exciting and different too.

Trip participants can be called on to sometimes help dig out a stuck truck, or help get over a particularly precarious embankment – this gets everyone actively involved in the process of getting to Cairo from Istanbul making the trip an incredibly rewarding experience.

Request the Oasis Overland Oasis Caravan Dossier to find out more about travelling from Istanbul to Cairo on the most exciting holiday possible.

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