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Libya trips

The breathtaking country of Libya is as vast in land as it is diverse in people. With cultural foundations established by the Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks, Ottoman Turks and the Italians, Libya trips present ancient history in a contemporary Arabic setting.

Join us in our exploration of modern day Libya. Trips through the desert and into the heart of the massive country cater to even the most seasoned adventure traveller.

Leptis Magna Tours

Leptis Magna, otherwise known as Lectis Magna, are the relics of the city of the ancient Roman Empire (although it was first established by the Phoenicians) located in the town of Al Khums on the Mediterranean coast (roughly an hour from the capital of Tripoli).

The historic town was once considered one of the most prominent in Africa while under rule of Septimius Severus, a native to the area.

The Leptis Magna Museum showcases some of the regions’ most prized artefacts, including recently discovered mosaics dating back roughly 2000 years.

“I have examined hundreds of mosaics across the Roman Empire, but I have never seen such a vibrantly realistic depiction of a human… The image of the recumbent gladiator is nothing less than a Roman masterpiece…”Mark Merrony, archaeologist.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Leptis Magna ruins include a theatre, amphitheatre, basilica and market place and are considered one of the most well preserved sites from the Roman period.

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