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Middle East trips

Oasis Overland offers a variety of tours to the Middle East, each one exposing participants to a new mix of cultures, people, places and natural wonders. The Middle East trips offered by Oasis cover everything from the pyramids of Egypt to the lost city of Petra in Jordan. Trips with Oasis are unique as purpose built expedition vehicles are used which allow participants to travel to places that no other tour can.

Syria Trips with Oasis Overland

Trips to Syria are a highlight of any Middle Eastern adventure. This ancient country has recently seen an extensive bout of modernisation, making it a convenient and safe place to travel through. This modernisation has however, not taken anything away from the history and beauty of this country. The capital city of Damascus is the oldest consistently inhabited city in the world. Filled with ancient mosques, Crusader castles, labyrinthine medieval souqs and jewel-like Damascene houses, a trip to this city is a veritable cultural feast. What makes such a trip so unique is the fact that most of these monuments are still in use today. You can worship in an ancient mosque or go shopping in the souqs, really experiencing the city on a trip to Syria that will never be forgotten.

Jordan Trips with Oasis Overland

Visiting the country of Jordan is built into most of Oasis Overland’s Middle Eastern trips. Most trips to Jordan include a ferry ride across the Red Sea, which is in itself an unforgettable experience. Camping overnight in the Wadi Rum desert opens Jordan trip participants to a blanket of stars like never seen before and allows you to sleep in the same spot where Lawrence of Arabia and his Arab forces had their secret base. From there you can travel to the ancient city of Petra where the buildings were carved out of the rock face itself. A Jordan trip must include visiting the Dead Sea where you can enjoy mud baths or the sensation of lightly floating on the densely salty water.

The last unforgettable stop along a Jordan trip with Oasis Overland is to Mt Nebo. This area has absolutely stunning views over Israel and is also credited as the final resting place for Moses.

Find out more about the Middle East trips on offer or contact us for any further information you may require to start planning your adventurous holiday.

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