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Tours to Tunisia

Travellers on tours to Tunisia frequently return home with something extra. Be it an affinity for desert mysticism, insight into the ancient Middle Eastern heritage or memories of shared experiences. Travelling through the meandering semi-arid and desert regions on a tour of Tunisia offers enough time for introspection and reflection.

Despite some archaic perceptions of the country among a small amount of ‘western’ travellers, tourism in Tunisia is on the rise and the country is fast evolving into a popular destination for adventurers from all over.

More About Tunisia

Situated at the northern most tip of Africa, it is easily accessible by sea or via one of the various international airports (such as the Tunis Carthage International Airport in the capital city). The Muslim state celebrates Arabic as the official language, but knowing a little French will often get you further than English – especially in the larger cities of Tunis, Sfax and Monastir (all of which are essential travel destinations when considering a tour to Tunisia).

When planning a tour of Tunisia, remember to check your immunisation requirements with your doctor or a travel clinic.

Tunisian cuisine is bursting with Mediterranean influence, blending the country’s historical background of French, Roman, Turkish and Arab flavours – from cumin and couscous of the Middle Eastern influence to Turkish baklava, and pastries typical of the streets of Paris.

…and of course, being on the Mediterranean seaboard, the wealth of seafood is enough to fulfil any food lover’s appetite while on tour to Tunisia.

Travel to Tunisia with Oasis Overland

The Oasis Caravan is an amazing travel offering that will allow you to tour Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Libya on a 37 or 58 day travel experience.

Download a dossier for this trip or contact us for more information on tours to Tunisia and other exciting travel opportunities.

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