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Travel from Cape to Cairo (or v.v)

Travelling from the Cape to Cairo often sounds like an impossible feat that only the most hardened sportsmen even dare attempt. But it is in actual fact a life changing journey that can not only test one’s mettle, but exposes ordinary people to the wonders of the African continent that they would never be able to see otherwise.

What to Expect from the Cape to Cairo Trip

A Cape to Cairo trip with an adventure travel operator such as Oasis Overland offers a variety of options for you to choose from, ensuring that each traveller can choose the right trip for them.

The full 16 week trip takes you either from the Cape to Cairo or from north to south with the trip starting in Cairo and ending in the Cape. This kind of extended trip is ideal for those taking a gap year with the hope of doing something more than the usual European contiki tour or those really needing to get away from it all. Other options include shorter trips between Nairobi and Cape Town, perfect for those with less time to spare and wanting a good introduction to adventure travel in Africa.

On any Cape to Cairo trip offered from Oasis Overland, participants need to be prepared to get involved and rough it, African style. From crossing deserts to navigating rivers and sleeping under the African stars in home made camping sites, this continent can throw anything at you.

Experienced guides ensure you are safe at all times, but those who expect a smooth ride with minimal effort should avoid a Cape to Cairo overland experience. While this may all sound a tad daunting, the rewards that this hard work offers far exceed any discomfort or effort. Countries like Ethiopia and Sudan offer stunning scenery that few traditional tourists will ever experience. The sense of accomplishment one feels after traversing a desert is also well worth it and can be a life changing experiencing.

Highlights Along Oasis Overland’s Cape to Cairo Trip

With so much ground to cover when travelling from Cape to Cairo, there are many highlights to look forward to along the way. The trip gets off to an excellent start by sampling some of South Africa’s best wines in the Stellenbosch region, while the next stop in Namibia takes you to the highest sand dunes in the world. The Cape to Cairo trip then moves on to Zambia where the majestic Victoria Falls will literally take your breath away. In Tanzania, you can visit the Serengeti National Parks and become closely acquainted with elephants, lions, cheetahs, white rhinos and crocodiles. Your time in Egypt will include guided tours of the Pyramids – among them one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.

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