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Student Holidays

Student travellers differ from leisure travellers, families or senior citizens and are looking for a more exciting, interactive experience. Often on a budget, student travel is more about the experience than the little luxuries along the way. It is often frustrating to be stuck on a tour bus for hours on end and only being able to see a few pre-selected places for a short period of time. Student travel is designed to be more flexible and suit the style of students – spontaneous, affordable and always up for a party.

Student Holidays with Oasis Overland

While students love flexibility and spontaneity while on holiday, they are also not always the best at organising everything to run perfectly smoothly. While sometimes it is the mishaps that make the most memorable stories, travel usually occurs in a restricted time-frame during student holidays and in order to make the most of it, it needs to be fairly well-organised. Oasis Overland offers the ideal solution with its interactive, flexible and well-planned adventure travel trips and offers many great choices for gap year travel or shorter holidays.

Student holidays with Oasis Overland cover some of the most fascinating places in the world, from Machu Picchu in South America to the Pyramids in Egypt. The tours are led by experienced guides and the specially kitted out trucks make for exciting and comfortable travel. Each tour mixes camping with other accommodation options and travellers are expected to pitch in and help along the way. While these student holidays have pre-set itineraries, they are flexible enough to adjust each trip according to the requests of the students on board,whenever possible, guaranteeing that no one misses out on an unexpected party.

Some Student Holidays from Oasis

  • Kingdoms and Carnivals – This South American trip is ideal for a student holiday and combines the best natural and cultural attractions of the area with the excitement of Carnival or New Year in Rio – what a party!
  • Kili Climb – A shorter trip that is ideal for a student holiday during the shorter breaks. Heading back to school with stories about how you scaled Mount Kilimanjaro is sure to outdo everyone else on campus.
  • Ottoman Odyssey – From the history of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, to real Middle Eastern food or lying on a Mediterranean beach, this is the ideal student holiday for those really looking for something a little different.

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