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A South America Adventure

South America is a place of myths, legends and spectacular natural beauty. Home to the ancient Inca people, rich cultures and diverse landscapes, any trip to South America is an adventure. Whether you traverse the Andes Mountain range or party it up at a festival in Rio, any time spent in South America is an adventure that you will never forget.

A South America Overland Adventure

Perhaps one of the best ways to see South America is through overland adventure travel. The continent is exceptionally large and most of its attractions are spaced fairly far apart, meaning that either you don’t get to see nearly enough or that you have to spend a fortune on travel expenses. A South America overland tour is often the solution that most people find and allows them to see far more of the continent that they ever could on any conventional trip.

What Exactly Does an Overland Trip Entail?

There are many things that make a South America overland trip different from any other trip you will ever undertake. Firstly, you travel in fairly small groups that adds to the atmosphere, but at the same time does not detract from the individual attention and freedom that you receive. Secondly a South American adventure holiday of this nature means that you have to get involved. Travelling in large purpose built 4×2 trucks and often camping, you need to do your bit and really experience what its like to travel across a continent. These trucks also mean that you can see places that you never dreamed of visiting, as they can reach places that traditional tour buses couldn’t – from Machu Picchu to the Nazca Lines.

A South America Adventure with Oasis Overland

Oasis Overland is a world leader in South America adventure travel and offers tours that climb to the top of the Andes or venture deep into the Amazon jungle. With an excellent safety record and experienced guides, a South America overland trip with Oasis is guaranteed to be a success. The wide variety of tours on offer from Oasis ensure that anyone can see the best of South America, whether they enjoy the bright lights of the cities or the quiet beauty of the rural areas.

Find out more about what life on the road is like on an Oasis Overland South America adventure trip.

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