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I Want to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

Many of us have whimsical “to do” lists including everything from sky diving to wanting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or bungee jumping off a bridge. But at the same time, most of us also can’t quite fathom navigating the dangers of Mount Everest and seem to keep finding excuses to put off that sky jump. Being adventurous and fulfilling those lists does not have to be as scary and implausible as our nerves and our constraints imply. Oasis Overland is an adventure travel company that make these seemingly crazy dreams come true every day.

Fulfilling a Dream with Oasis Overland

Oasis Overland offers a way to travel the world that is not only different, but has many added activities and benefits that can have you ticking off items on your adventure list at the same time. Along the African Coast to Coast trip you can finally learn to scuba dive, while on the Deserts and Game Parks tour you can go white water rafting.

But perhaps the most challenging and most sought after dream for many is to scale the peak of a mountain and feel the sense of achievement and personal fulfilment that that brings. This type of dream is often left unfulfilled as it usually requires planning, training and a huge amount of money – but with Oasis Overland, anyone can climb Mount Kilimanjaro and take home the most incredible achievement after ticking off the most impressive item on their list.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Oasis Overland

The Kili Climb trip offered by Oasis Overland is ideal for those people looking to fulfil a mountain climbing dream, but who only have limited time and experience. The six day trip uses the relatively easy Marangu route to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and only requires physical fitness and strong will, making this dream accessible to anyone.

Accompanied by experienced guides and porters, this trip ensures that you are safe every step of the way, but also that you achieve this dream yourself. Summiting before dawn, your Mount Kilimanjaro climb culminates in watching the sun rise from the Roof of Africa, allowing you some time to personally reflect on your achievement and get out that pen to tick off a long awaited item on your list.

Book your trip with Oasis Overland today and get ready to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

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  1. clement says

    i’m interesting by climbing kilimanjaro, could you give me some explaination about this trip, about the price, if i can sleep in a hut,

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