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Overland Tours

Many people long for a holiday that gets them off the beaten track and allows for real relaxation away from the city hustle, bustle & noise. Many of these people opt for package tours to mildly unusual places and often end up going home unsatisfied. Package tours can be fantastic, but often simply involve more cities and hotels. With little flexibility, you usually only get to see the basic attractions of a place on a general tour that is designed to please the majority. Overland tours offer something completely different and often provide the ideal solution for those looking for a real escape from the city & normal life.

The Benefits of Overland Tours

Overland tours differ from normal package tours in a variety of ways and have a range of benefits for those with an adventurous spirit.

  • Overland tours offer something completely different from any other travel option.
  • The Oasis Overland adventure tour company offer some of the most popular tours of this type. Often using specially designed purpose built trucks, their tours can reach places that no tour bus can, ensuring that you get to experience the best that each country has to offer, no matter how far off the beaten track it may be.
  • Embarking on an overland tour also means that you get to be actively involved from the start. You will often have to help set up camp at night or even help to dig the truck out of the mud.
  • Overland tours offer far more flexibility, allowing you to spend more time in some places, depending on your interests.
  • Overland tours are usually done in small groups of like-minded individuals. This offers individuals company should you be embarking on the tour alone or simply lets you meet some new and interesting people who could become lifelong friends.
  • Overland tours really allow you to get to know a country, from its people to its hidden cultural wonders and scenic splendours. This allows you the claim of having really explored a new region and not simply seen its city highlights.

Oasis Overland Tours

Oasis Overland offers some of the best tours of this kind. From exploring the Amazon to a safari tour in Africa, overland tours with Oasis are always unforgettable. The crew themselves have taken such a tour before and have first hand experience with what works and what doesn’t. Their knowledge of the areas combined with Oasis’ excellent contacts and experience means that an overland tour with them will be a resounding success.

Download the Oasis Overland tours brochure today to find out more about heading off the beaten track on your next holiday.

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