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Overland Truck Trips

Many people dream of taking a cross-continent road trip and exploring at will while enjoying the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, in reality, this is often just not possible. Crossing borders means visas, bad weather means needing a proper place to stay and no one wants the stress of being lost in a foreign country. One of the best ways to avoid all this while still fulfilling this dream is to head out on an adventure travel truck.

Adventure Travel Trips with Oasis Overland

Adventure travel company, Oasis Overland offers truck tours that give you everything that you could want from you road trip with none of the hassles. Large adventure travel trucks are used to transport you around a continent and two experienced guides are on board to ensure that you don’t get lost and that all the admin issues are taken care of.

While the experience is relatively hassle-free, you are still kept actively involved in your own road or overland truck trip. Life on the road on an overland truck trip is always exciting – sometimes you might need to dig the truck out the mud and other times you may need to collect wood for the camp fire. Expect to get dirty, but also be prepared to have a say in where you go and how long you stay, making this type of overland truck adventure the perfect mix between a personal and professional tour.

What to Expect on Your Overland Truck Tour

Adventure travel trucks are not quite luxury coaches and prospective road trippers should be prepared for something a little different. Each truck has comfortable inward and forward facing seats, maximising space and comfort while multiple windows ensure that you can enjoy the view at all times. Many of the vehicles also have open areas that are ideal for game viewing and outdoor sight-seeing while on the move.

Internal power points and lighting means that you can stay in touch and relax along the trip, even though you are essentially on an adventure travel truck. Ample storage space, secure lockers and emergency equipment is all kept on board, guaranteeing that you will be prepared for wherever your overland truck trip takes you.

Oasis Overland has adventure travel trucks and trips and expeditions that operate in Africa, South America, Asia, China, the Middle East and Egypt. Book your overland truck adventure trip with Oasis Overland today

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  1. joel hirsch says

    i’d like to go from nairobi to jo-berg starting the middle of this month ,(sep) or thereabouts and am wondering if there’s worktrade spot available as a mechanic/driver. i have a budget up to 900usd if not. Thanks, Joel

  2. admin says

    Hi Joel
    Unfortunately we don’t have any work available at the moment but if you’re interested in working for us more long term as a driver/mechanic, have a look at our Work for Oasis page. If you’d like to join one of our trips, the Savanna Dawn from Nairobi to Victoria Falls sounds the closest to your route and budget. We have just a few places left on our 21st September departure. Check out all the details on the Savanna Dawn webpage (for example there are lots of extra activities you can choose to do which may affect your budget!) or don’t hesitate to ask for more details – you can email us on
    Thanks for your enquiry!

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