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Overseas Adventure Travel

These days it has become the trend for young people the world over to head overseas and explore their planet before studying further or entering the working arena. These excursions offer great life lessons and see people working at summer camps, ski resorts and farms or simply backpacking across Europe. While each and every one of these options is an incredible experience, many people are looking for something more. Overseas adventure travel offers the most exciting and viable alternative – offering everything from self-discovery to the wonders of nature, physical challenges and personal achievement.

Why Choose Overseas Adventure Travel

The lights of Paris and the excitement of New York might hold a lot of appeal for some people, but these are places that are easily accessible at any time and are always filled with tourists. Many people are looking for a more unique and hands-on experience that is not overrun by other holidaymakers. Overseas adventure travel can take you to places that you could never have hoped to see otherwise, from mythical Machu Picchu to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Overseas adventure travel with companies like Oasis Overland also allows people to get involved and really feel like they became explorers and not just tourists. Many of the overland tours are conducted in purpose built trucks that sometimes need to be dug out the mud on unmade roads. Sleeping under the stars is also common with camp sites needing to be erected, water needing to be collected and fires needing to be built. Overseas adventure travel lets people mingle with the locals, try out new customs and really get to know a country, making them not only worthwhile but often a life-altering experience.

What Does Overseas Adventure Travel Entail?

An overseas adventure travel tour with Oasis Overland is always an experience that will never be forgotten. Many of the tours make use of specially-fitted purpose built trucks that are not only novel, but also practical, with viewing decks, ample space and the ability to reach those hidden places. Each tour’s itinerary is pre-planned but is flexible enough to allow people more time in areas of particular interest. The groups put together for each tour also allow for lifelong friendships to be made and each tour guide is experienced enough to make each overseas adventure travel tour even more special and detailed.

Find out more about the exciting overseas adventure travel options available from Oasis Overland and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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