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Santiago to Rio: The Essence of South America

Experience the essence of South America and the exotic adventures it has on offer on an overland trip from Santiago to Rio. This route forms the Coast to Coast Adventure which winds down the west coast of the continent to Patagonia and the far south, then meanders up to Rio over a period of 51 days. Outdoor adventures, beautiful scenery and awesome wildlife abound on this vibrant and diverse continent.

The Santiago to Rio overland tour with Oasis is an experience that anyone dedicated to world travel should have. Whether your travel bug has been hibernating for a while or you are a newbie to overlanding, this fantastic journey is a must.

Santiago to Rio: Overland Trip Itinerary

Just to whet your appetite: Week one is spent exploring the Lake District of Chile. The tour encounters tiny, rural villages and deep blue lakes. Winding down through breathtaking mountain passes, adrenaline pumped adventure activities and the legendarily vibrant South American nightlife are just some of the attractions on offer during this leg of the journey.

Week two is a feast for the senses. Tours that leave in January take the road less travelled. The Camino Austral, a traveller’s path only open in the summer months, meanders through and across a landscape littered with glaciers and ancient volcanoes. Nights are spent alongside gushing rivers in lush rainforests. Tours departing later in the year are privileged enough to travel through the windswept plains of Patagonia.

The weeks that follow on the Santiago to Rio overland trip continue to reveal awe-inspiring aspects of South America. Wildlife and birds abound, effervescent culture is everywhere and visitors can soak up unforgettable experiences at every location. Museums house a fascinating history, ruins tell tales of woe and triumph, restaurants offer mouth watering selections of traditional South American food, while there is always an opportunity to party it up with the locals into the wee hours.

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