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The Isla Amantani Adventure

Heading out on a tour with Oasis Overland is more than a simple escape from the norm – it is truly an unforgettable adventure. A South American tour with Oasis Overland includes Inca Ruins, cultural marvels, small villages, 4×4 tracks, hiking and the most spectacular views. But perhaps one of the most special aspects of any South American, and specifically a Peruvian tour, with Oasis Overland is the Isla Amantani Adventure.

Right on the border of Peru and Bolivia lies the beautiful Lake Titicaca, home to the legendary Uros Indians. Their homes are floating reed islands that were originally constructed to be portable, should they ever come under attack. The natural island Isla Amantani is on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca and is still home to many villagers. Time seems as if it has been stopped on this island as its inhabitants have preserved a way of life that was thought to have been lost centuries ago. An Oasis Overland Isla Amantani adventure not only lets guests visit this fascinating place, but spend the night amongst the locals, truly being transported to another world.

Tips for Your Isla Amantani Adventure with Oasis Overland

  • Your Isla Amantani adventure will be even better if you learn a few basics of the Quechua language. Very few islanders speak Spanish and knowing how to greet someone in their own language is a great ice breaker.
  • While not mandatory, it is a common gesture to bring along gifts for the locals when you visit Isla Amantani. Adventure guests with Oasis Overland are encouraged to bring along fresh fruits or vegetables.
  • There is no electricity on the Island, making it a good idea to bring along a torch on your Isla Amantani adventure.

Things to Do on Your Isla Amantani Adventure

  • Oasis Overland’s Isla Amantani adventure takes place on an island on the highest lake in the world. This makes watching the sunrise or sunset particularly spectacular. Hike up Pachamama, one of the island’s two mountains for an even more elevated view.
  • The locals love a game of futbol (soccer or football) and no Isla Amantani adventure is complete without joining in a game.
  • Climb up one of Isla Amantani’s two hills or small mountains. Pachamama (mother earth) and Pachatata (father earth) each offer spectacular views at the summit and ancient temples celebrating their connection to the land. Circling Pachamama three times is said to bring you luck for the rest of your Isla Amantani adventure as well as your future travels.

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