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The Tiwanaku Mystery of La Paz

Just 44 miles west of La Paz lies the mysterious ruins of Tiwanaku, dating back to pre-Incan times. Located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, it is widely believed that this town was once a thriving metropolis and marine fossils found near the town also suggest that Lake Titicaca was once right at Tiwanaku’s door. An important precursor to Incan times, Tiwanaku was a major state power for over 500 years.

The Tiwanaku mystery of La Paz comes about as you walk through these ancient ruins. The intricately carved geometric designs and complex craftsmanship can still be seen today and many structures still stand as an ode to the dedication of these ancient architects. It is these structures that the Tiwanaku mystery of La Paz surrounds as their elaborately carved symbols have not been deciphered to this day.

Tiwanaku’s End

The Tiwanaku mystery of La Paz deepens when the question of what happened to this civilisation arises. The people of Tiwanaku had no written language, so very little is known about them other than the myths passed down through the generations. Many argue that another group invaded the city and took it over, while others blame a loss of faith in their religion that caused people to abandon their architectural haven. Some theorists have gone as far to say that Lake Titicaca had a cataclysmic flood that ended the city’s dominance and created the Tiwanaku mystery of La Paz.

Unravelling the Mystery of Tiwanaku of La Paz with Oasis Overland

Oasis Overland offers a unique way to get to know far away places and ancient monuments. Experienced guides take you around areas you never thought possible and introduce you to the real sights and sounds of South America. La Paz is a joining and ending point on Oasis Overland’s South American adventures and it is well worth spending a day or two at the start or end of your trip to see these amazing ruins. Visiting Tiwanaku helps you to understand the immensity and wonder of these ancient civilisations as well as begin to understand why the mystery of Tiwanaku of La Paz has fascinated so many people for so long. Have a traditional dish at the local restaurant and spend some time discovering why these people were on the forefront of architectural design, long before their time.

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