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Uros Island Tour

One of the most fascinating places to visit on a tour of Peru or Bolivia is the Uros Islands. Tours of this area traverse the world’s highest lake, Titicaca and can be as short as three to four hours. These islands are particularly interesting as many of them are man-made – the Uros Indians made use of the reeds growing around Lake Titicaca to create floating island homes. These were portable to ensure that their people could be moved to safety should the group ever come under attack. Many of these islands also include an intricately built reed tower for watchmen to be on the lookout for aggressors.

A Uros Island tour is truly eye-opening as many of these islands still exist in exactly the same way as they did many years ago. The people have retained a way of life sustained by Lake Titicaca that, without their dedication, would have been lost many years ago. A Uros Island tour is like taking a trip back in time to a simpler life and a real introduction to the people of South America.

Visiting the Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca

One of the most endearing features on a Uros Island tour is the welcome that guests receive from the people. Many a Uros inhabitant is happy to sit down with tourists and explain their way of life and how they build their incredible reed island homes. Even a simple walk around the island is a unique experience as your feet sink into the braided reeds. Bringing gifts along like sweets and fruit is always well-received as these people survive mainly on fish and is a wonderful way to repay their hospitality. Locally crafted souvenirs can also be bought on the island and while of a lower quality to what you could buy in a store, they’ are particularly special as they are made by the islanders themselves.

A Uros Island Tour with Oasis Overland

Oasis Overland Adventure Tourism has been introducing tourists to the hidden wonders of South America for years. Their excellent relations with the people of Lake Titicaca mean that a Uros Island tour with them can be an extra special experience. Visit each of the islands with the most welcoming of inhabitants and get the best views of the world’s highest lake. With Oasis Overland you can also spend the night on Lake Titicaca on one of her natural islands, Isla Amantani or Taquile, truly experiencing this fascinating area and its people.

View Oasis Overland’s Peru Encompassed itinerary to find out more about their Uros Island tours

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