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Back Packing in Latin America

Taking the road less travelled usually leads to incredible adventure. With much ancient history, amazing wildlife and cultural diversity, backpacking in Latin America is no different.

Latin America Backpacking Highlights

Amazon Jungle

Home to countless species of tropical flora and fauna and stretching across the South American continent, the Amazon Jungle truly is a masterpiece of nature.

Andes Mountain Range

Over 7 000 kilometres long, the Andes was home to the Incas and also has an interesting volcanic history. A Latin American backpacking delight just waiting to be explored.

Machu Picchu

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Machu Picchu is nestled in the mountains where it remained generally unexplored until recently. Follow the Inca Trail to this city in the clouds – you won’t regret it.


Visit the town of Nazca on the coast of Peru. The ancient city has many tales to tell and the Nazca Lines will be an absolute highlight for you – large geoglyphs of animals believed to be from as far back as 200 BC.


Located not far from the Andes mountain range, Cuzco is the capital of what was once the Incan Empire. The small Peruvian city has a growing population and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site – truly an unforgettable example of ancient history in a modern setting.

Tierra del Fuego

On your Latin America backpacking adventure, you should also visit the famed islands of Tierra del Fuego off the coast of Argentina and see the extraordinary flora and fauna which is indigenous to the region.

Take the first step on a remarkable journey and choose from the many South American backpacking packages available.

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