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Egypt Tours

With an estimated 83 million inhabitants and millennia of history (including centuries of foreign occupation), Egypt truly is a melting pot of many cultures and influences.

Tours in Egypt: What to Do

Egypt tours, and the experiences which await the traveller, cannot be summed up in black and white. There are a few activities which are important to cross off your list when on tour in Egypt.

  • Visit the awe-inspiring temples at Abu Simbel.
  • Take a horse-drawn carriage to Karnak Temple.
  • Visit the Valley of Kings (Wadi Biban el-Muluk), ancient burial ground of the Egyptian royals.
  • Explore the Valley of Workers (Deir el Medina), the village of the builders of the Valley of Kings.
  • Enjoy the traditional Egyptian folk music, belly dancing and sufi dancing.
  • Dine on Egyptian cuisine, and savour the flavours of Africa and the East in one destination.
  • Learn the finer points of the ancient history at the Egyptian History Museum.
  • Visit the Khan el Khalili bazaar district of Cairo.

Book Egypt Tours

Not everything can be planned ahead and it’s up to you to live the adventure as it unfolds. Overlanding tours in Egypt guide you through the country, but there’s no telling what experiences lie in wait.

Some trips are longer than others, depending on the itinerary – they can range from a few days to several months. Explore the tours in Egypt and across the African continent and set out on a journey of a lifetime.

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