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South America Tours: Quito to La Paz

A South American Overland Tour from Quito to La Paz

South America is a magical place to travel around. One of the best ways to maximise your time in this magnificent region is to take an overland tour. The Quito to La Paz overland tour, taken with Oasis Overland is no exception. One of the most adventurous, and action packed journeys that travellers can make, this 37 day tour is the ideal opportunity to take in the diverse landscape and cultures available in South America.

Quito to La Paz: Tour Highlights

In summary, the Quito to La Paz overland tour is scenic and action packed, while still providing ample opportunities to relish the region’s rich history and culture.  Some of the highlights include a trip through the dense Amazon Jungle and mountain biking down the steep slopes of ancient volcanoes. Those less inclined towards strenuous activity will enjoy moseying around the authentic markets in many of the villages, where many traditional souvenirs and treasures can be found. Ruins steeped in history, and ancient cities are also a draw card as is the beach camping experience in Peru.

The Inca Trail

The highlight of the trip for many though, is the Inca Trail. This is a 4 day trek from near Cuzco, the old Inca capital, to the Machu Picchu ruins. The most popular and well known tourist trail is the ‘Classic Inca Trail’ and this is regulated, allowing only 500 people per day on it, because of environmental reasons. However there are several other trails (Lares & Salcantay being but two) that cross this magnificent scenic landscape, making it an integral part of the Quito to La Paz overland tour. Passing through places with names such as Wiñay Wayna, Phuyupatamarca and other ancient Inca ruins, it is an unforgettable encounter with the very fabric of Peruvian history.

Book Your Overland Travel Adventure Today

To book for the Quito to La Paz overland tour, contact Oasis. It is important, for this tour in particular, that you book well in advance because of the exceptionally limited places on the Inca Trail. It’s not something you’d want to miss.

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