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Travel to the Andes Mountains

Travel to the Andes Mountains for Something a Little Different

Over 7000 km long, and in some parts, 500km wide with an average height of 4000 metres, the Andes are one of the most magnificent mountain chains in the world. Best explored in an overland truck, travel in this diverse region is endlessly exciting. With new experiences to be had with each breaking dawn, the Andes Mountains are a delightful and adventurous entry-point into the tapestry of South American culture.

Cultural and Natural Diversity

The cultural and natural diversity have integral roles to play in the travel appeal of the Andes Mountains. From the vibrant Indian markets, colonial towns steeped in history and the famous haciendas; to the grassy highlands, active volcanoes, thermal baths and mountain lakes – travelling the Andes Mountains is a certain way to ensure that you never live through the same day twice.

Something for Everyone

Divided into three sections, the Andes region has a fascinating history. Home of the Inca Empire, a highly sophisticated society, formed in the 1400s, this is one of the highlights of travel in the Andes Mountains. Summoning travellers with glorious blue skies and billowing clouds, the Andean Mountains are enchanting and magical. Lucky travellers will share their campfire with a chagra, and have the opportunity to delight in tales about the region and its heroes past and present. For those preferring bright city lights, many areas are populated and are considered havens for travellers. Boasting an extensive array of restaurant, hotels, and attractions, visitors will not be at a loss for something to do.

Travel to the Andes with Oasis Overland Tours

Oasis Overland Tours is planning a number of travel expeditions to the Andes Mountains in 2010. While the best time of the year is considered to fall between June and December, with some rain falling between September and November, locals in the Andean region boast that you can experience four seasons in one day – a spectacle in itself. For more information, contact Oasis Overland Tours

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