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Stop the Serengeti Highway

The Tanzanian Government is planning a major new highway that will cut through the Serengeti National Park.  Despite the Park being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Government has approved the route which runs across the northern area of the Serengeti, cutting through especially wild and pristine areas of the park and across ancient migration routes famously used by thousands of herbivores coming from the Masai Mara during the dry season.

The Frankfurt Zoological Society reports that should wildebeest be cut off from water sources during the dry season, it could cause population levels to drop by more than three quarters of their current level and lead to the demise of the spectacular wildebeest migration.

The Society also calculates that:

  • on average 416 trucks, travelling at speed, could be using the highway per day.
  • the road could make life easier for poachers
  • and bring in non-native and potentially harmful species such as invasive plants.

An alternative route to the south stays outside the park boundaries and the Society has put forward a case for this as a shorter road, serving a greater amount of Tanzanian people and of course saving the Serengeti from disastrous environmental impacts.

We would urge you to sign this petition and spread the word in an effort to stop this highway which will have such a destructive effect on the Serengeti ecosystem as well as Tanzania’s tourism industry.  You can also look at the Save the Serengeti website to receive updates and find out about other ways to help.

At Oasis Overland we have signed a travel industry petition and have joined the Save the Serengeti coalition.  We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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  1. Kimberley Gifford says

    Please stop the construction of the Serengeti Highway. It would be devestating to ruin such an amazing part of the African ecosystem. Especially when an alternate route is an option. Please please stop it.

  2. isack says

    i think the government of tanzania should start the construction project to help those communities who isolated for long time.

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