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Did you know?…

… that British travellers spend 20 minutes longer on their housework (46 minutes) before their trip than they do looking into the culture and laws of the country they are visiting?  Personally, I would never spend that long on the housework but that aside, it is important and worthwhile doing a little research before you travel.

The Foreign Office has issued an interesting report about the number of Britons that experience problems whilst abroad that could have been prevented by having adequate travel insurance and being informed about the customs and laws of a country.

Not only may a little research save you getting into trouble whilst abroad but it’s more than likely you will have a better time too.  If you make the effort to wear clothes that cover your arms and legs whilst wandering Egypt’s streets, you will get a whole lot less hassle and more respect from local residents.  Save your skimpy bikini for the beach!

You will need travel insurance if you want to go sky diving!

You will need travel insurance for this!

More figures – apparently British travellers spend more on average at the airport on mags and sweets than the cost of a standard single trip insurance policy and 19% do not take out travel insurance at all.   I know insurance, especially for adventure travel, can seem like an expensive add-on to your trip, especially when you get home and haven’t used it!  But should you find you have unexpected expenses, especially medical bills, it could cost you thousands without insurance as well as creating problems and delays to your treatment.  So that’s why we insist you have it.

You can find out more about the countries you are travelling to by reading your pre-departure information – you can download it or read it on the ‘Before You Go’ tab on each trip page.

You can also get discounts on guide books!

Read more about our tailor made Adventure Travel Insurance

Read the full article from the Foreign Office.

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