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Save the Serengeti – new petition

There is a new petition that you can sign to support the movement against a proposed new highway that will cut through the Serengeti National Park.

This petition is targeted at development organisations such as the World Bank and USAID, urging them to come together to find and fund an alternative route to that which would cut through the migration route in northern Tanzania.

Save the Serengeti believes an alternative route would save the Serengeti and it’s wildlife from destruction and benefit more Tanzanians.

Find out more about and sign the new petition here.

Visit the Save the Serengeti website.

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  1. Ella Paine says

    When will we stop destroying the best thing on this planet…NATURE! Without the wildlife and plants that grow naturally here our world would be a very miserable and desolate place. We need them to survive, if you let them die then we will feel the repercussions later on down the line. If we let this happen it will have a domino effect on the rest of the world. Money and growth is not a priority….saving our planet is!

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