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La Paz wins our director Chris over!

As far as Capital Cities go La Paz feels like an undiscovered pearl. Besides being visually dramatic, the city sweeps downward in a kind of funnel from the Altiplano at 4000m to the lower parts at around 3200m with peaks of well over 5000 m surrounding it, the city is quite unlike all its other South American rivals in that it is still so indigenous. Andean women sit on almost every corner selling clothes, bags, hats, great street food, fresh juice etc.  The smells of the city are also unlike any other of South Americas increasingly modern Capitals from the pungent odours of dodgy drains to street stalls of herbs and spices, medical remedies, to bakeries and the aromas of hundreds of cafes and food vendors.  I have felt quite safe wandering the streets with so many temptations to part with my money. La Paz has also turned into something of an adventure capital – there are so many operators offering mountain bike trips down the mountains (start at 5000m and end at about 1200mtrs in a day), hikes to mountains over 6000m, various 1 to 6 day hikes, trips to the Amazon Jungle and Pampas and some of the best museums and crumbling colonial architecture in Latin America. In my opinion, give me La Paz any day over Santiago, BA, Lima, Rio etc.  Plus it is loads cheaper than all of those!”La Paz market

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