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Dam the Consequences

On 15 Feb 2011 part of the River Nile below Bujagali Falls in Uganda (close to Lake Victoria) will finally be closed to make way for a new Hydroelectric Dam. As a developing country this is sure to be good for Uganda’s economy but by drowning Bujagali Falls – a spectacular series of cascading rapids which Ugandans consider a national treasure – the dam will submerge a place with great cultural and spiritual importance for the Busoga people. It is claimed the project will also directly affect the livelihoods of about 6000 people, impact fisheries and submerge highly productive agricultural land and islands of high biodiversity. Many villagers have already been resettled for the project.

Bujagali Falls in Uganda

Bujagali Falls

Read what Uganda Tourism has to say about it has an unbiased account of the dam and its effects

If you wish to see Bujagali Falls for the last time and Raft this grade 5 part of the river, you can still do so on our trips departing Nairobi in December and January on our Gameparks & Gorillas, Apes and Lakes and Grand Adventurer trips.

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  1. Lisa says

    How sad! This will definitely impact on the local community, without a doubt. My heart goes out to the locals. It will completely change their way of life.

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