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Vehicle Safety Checks in South America

Our Logistics Manager, Mark Middleton, has just returned from his travels in South America.

At least once a year Mark visits all the fleet in the 3 main areas that we run trips, Africa, Middle East and South America.  He completes thorough safety and mechanical checks to our Overland Trucks, to ensure they are to a standard we would expect in the UK.

Countries such as Peru and Ecuador, where Mark has just visited, have very few checks of their own and certainly no ‘Ministry of Transport’ or MOT standard like the UK, so it’s up to us to make sure our fleet is in tip top condition.

Some of the checks include brakes, tyres, seat belts and all manner of other areas from fire extinguishers to the gas cooker.  We have even invested in a sophisticated piece of technology that can measure the brake efficiency – this equipment is identical to the ones used and endorsed by VOSA (the transport governing body in the UK).

As well as completing as much work ourselves as possible, to ensure we maintain a high standard, we also employ the services of local mechanics (Miguel pictured in Quito, Ecuador), as we appreciate that local knowledge in sourcing parts and know-how of sometimes having to work with basic tools, can save hours.

This attitude puts back a lot of money in to the local communities.  For instance, 8 years ago a mechanic in Cusco took the initiative to start his own garage for Overland Vehicles.  He now specialises in this area and has a much better income for his family than he would ever have expected.  We will continue to support him and carry out our repairs at his premises whenever we pass through.

Marks next trip will be Cairo in March, so he’s going to have to put in some office time before we let him out again!!

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