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Comments from our friends and partners in Egypt

As the British Foreign Secretary said yesterday, ‘we have witnessed events of a truly historic nature in Egypt and Tunisia during the last few weeks’.  Our Oasis crew are back in Egypt now and finding out from friends and local operators how things have been for them and what they expect from the future.  One of our tour leaders told us she has spoken to so many Egyptians, both young and old who said they just wanted the changes to bring fairness, freedom and employment opportunities such as we have in the UK and other western countries.

Emad, who manages our Havana Hotel in Cairo said ‘Tahrir Square is calm today and the crazy Cairo traffic is back.  Even the Syrian cafe on the corner below Havana Hotel that your Oasis travellers love so much, is open 24 hrs a day again’

From one of our local partners in Aswan, Tim Bailey of ‘ What impressed me most about this revolution was, despite reports which claim three hundred protestors lost their lives as a result of retaliation by the overthrown police state, the people of Egypt protested peacefully.  They even went so far as to organise their own check points to ensure those joining the mass protests came unarmed.

Throughout the revolution life in Aswan remained completely normal. The only thing I felt while walking around the city was that the Egyptians I met seemed even friendlier, it was as if they were saying ‘thanks for not leaving’.

No one should have a moment’s hesitation about coming to Egypt because they think it is not safe. The Egyptian people are friendly and are not normally aggressive. I have lived in Egypt for 18 years and have never felt unsafe; almost without exception I have only experienced kindness from the people. The one down side about working here has always been official corruption.  Let’s hope this will now start to change.’

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