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Trans Africa – update from Nancy & Chris’s group

For those of you that aren’t on Facebook, here’s the latest update from tour leader Nancy on her group’s Trans Africa Expedition:

“11th Feb 2011

Hello all!  A big apology for how little we have actually used this page – I had hoped everyone would help keep it updated, but everyone’s hopefully just been having too much fun!

Oasis Overland Trans Africa travellersSo a quick roundup then maybe we’ll all be better!!  Christmas was great – Chris and I managed to organise a frozen whole pig (not an easy job in the middle of West Africa!) and we all ate drank and were very merry! After our first elephant of the trip in Mole National Park (in Ghana), we found ourselves a lovely little quarry for New Years Eve, which saw a few more members entered into the illustrious spew club (I’m proud to say I’m not a member….yet!)  Next was the town of Kumasi where we all had a great night out at a local outdoor bar with lots of street meat and dancing, then off to the beautiful White Sands beach for a bit of R and R… I swear it’s not that easy travelling!  We finally made Accra where we had to get Nigerian visas… and I took an unexpected night off for a stay in the hospital after the hammock I was sleeping in broke and dropped me flat on my poor noggin.  But all’s well now, and sadly the group coped perfectly well without me.  I hope that’s the one and only hospital stay for any of us!!!  After a long week in Accra we had one night with ‘the other truck’ (Andi & Grant’s) and we were all happy to meet the gang and swap stories.

12th Feb

Next stop Cameroon and some spectacularly bad roads, though we got off quite easily compared to past years.

Hopefully I can get some pics off this week.  This morning we sent off 10 of the group to conquer Mt. Cameroon, 8 doing it in 2 days and 2 in 3 days.  As appealing as a bit of cold weather sounds, the rest of us are quite happy to pig out on the great food here in Limbe and chill at the beach.  Both groups will be back by Monday… DAY 100!! Needless to say we’ll be playing Hundreds Club, whereby you must drink 1 shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes, but you cannot use the loo!!!!  I’m pretty sure we’ll ring in 100 days in true Oasis style!!!  🙂 So that’s us for the moment, we will try to be much better about updating here and hope you are all well wherever in the world you are!”

And you’ll be glad to hear, all survived the 100 Club!  Look out for the next Trans Africa Expedition update which will hopefully include photos…  we hear they’ve been having encounters with gorillas!

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