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Mark reports back from Damascus

Our Operations Manager, Mark, is in Damascus at the moment and listened to President Bashar Al Assad’s speech today…

‘Everybody here in Damascus was listening to the President’s speech – it was on the radio on the bus from Aleppo, in taxis, and people were just sat in the little cafes near the Al Haramain watching it on TV in the street.  People were all clapping and cheering at the end of the various comments.

The speech has certainly been well received in the President’s heartland of Damascus, but I think time will tell how it goes down in other cities like Dera’a and Latakia where most of the opposition is.  There is quite a surprising almost carnival attitude among the crowds in Damascus with cars hooting and flags flying from car windows.

I haven’t felt in any way threatened by anyone during my trip to Syria – just the opposite in fact.  Yesterday in Aleppo while searching for some new tacho cards for our truck, I crossed the main demonstration area several times where people were marching with their flags and banners and they were keen to speak to me and say hello and ask what I and people in the west think of Syria and President Bashar.  But always very friendly.’

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