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Oasis Overland group helps the victims of the ‘Megaslides’ in La Paz

Our overland crew in South America, Nick and Tracy, tell us about the ‘mega-mudslides’ that devastated poor neighbourhoods in La Paz and how they and their group helped.

‘While heading through northern Argentina on our way to Bolivia we had heard of the massive rains that had been hitting Bolivia, causing several landslides all over the country and even in the capital city, La Paz.  It wasn’t until we crossed the border, making our way to Uyuni (home of the famous Bolivian salt flats) that we first saw the effects of the heavy rainfall.  The already bumpy, windy and steep mountain roads had taken a battering from the rains, causing washouts and small rockfalls to cover the  surface.  Once in Uyuni we were told of the ‘Megaslide’ that had affected La Paz, destroying hundreds of houses and making 5000 people homeless.   A huge aid effort had been initiated in the city to gather as many donations as possible. We found the addresses of the drop off points from the local paper and we began collecting donations.’ Nick – Driver

‘Seeing the photos in the paper & hearing the news made us want to help the people affected by the landslides, who had lost everything.  We spoke to our group about buying donations to give at a collection point in the city centre. We bought blankets, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, crayons, notebooks, washing powder, rice, pasta, baby milk, baby blankets, nappies & footballs. We also had clothing & medical donations on our truck from a previous group which we would usually give to a charity we support  in Cusco.  The following day we went to the Biblioteca Municipal in the city centre to give our donations. What we saw when we got there brought tears to our eyes.  Everything we donated was registered in a log book & then taken to the appropriate section of the building by the volunteers that were helping there.  They invited us to walk around and there were rooms full of everything you could possibly imagine that you would need if you had lost everything; from mattresses to children’s school bags.  We were so touched by the generosity of the Bolivian people, who have so little but still wanted to help those who had nothing.’ Tracy – Tour Leader


Thanks to our current and previous groups, Sam and Colin and Oasis HQ for all their kind donations.

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