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The Oasis Team’s Travel Wishlist

After chatting to so many of you about your impending travels at this year’s travel shows, we are all feeling a wee bit jealous here in the Oasis office.  So we’re starting to think about which of our trips we might like to do…  here’s our wishlist!:


Dune Buggy, Ica Desert on Oasis Overland's trips to PeruFor me, I would travel to Peru and Bolivia.  Peru for the Ica Desert and Huacachina Oasis as well as the White City of Arequipa where both our Peru Tour Leaders come from.  And I have still never had the time to trek the Inca Trail!  I would travel on to Bolivia because La Paz is just a great city, very laid back and it oozes atmosphere – great local food, plenty of colour and impromptu markets and fantastic old churches and buildings plus some great bars and clubs. I would also pluck up the courage to do the Death Road Mountain Biking. (Go Chris!)


Oasis Overland tour to PalmyraTurkey & Syria Overland – After a few work trips to Istanbul, I really have a taste for seeing more of Turkey and immersing myself in the culture (and food!)  My interest in history draws me to the Roman ruins and major sites that can be seen throughout Turkey and Syria like Ephesus and Palmyra.  If I had the time to go in April, I’d also like to pay my respects to all that fell at Gallipoli in WW1.


See the Dome of the Rock in Israel on Oasis Overland's tourTop of my wish list is Egypt & Israel – it’s been ages since I went to Egypt and it would be really interesting to go now.  I think Israel would be a real contrast and it would be fantastic to see Bethlehem and Jerusalem as well as the West Bank with the overnight stay with a Palestinian family.  It would be fantastic to experience places you see on the news so much and to talk face to face with the people who live there.  And finishing off with some proper holiday time on the beach at Tel Aviv would be awesome… I’m booking my flight now!


Trek to see mountain gorillas in UgandaI have a real soft spot for Africa and can’t wait to return. It has been 8 years nearly since I last went so I would definitely head back there.  I’d do the Grand Adventurer as I missed out on trekking to see the Mountain Gorillas and I would love to go back to see how the rest of Africa may have changed.  Cape to Cairo would be cool too, from Sudan up as I’ve never been there and would love to re-visit Cairo (that’s 2 trips Lin – don’t be greedy now!)


Cameroun roads on Oasis Overland's Trans Africa ExpeditionWhere would be my next trip with Oasis? UK to Cape Town!!

After being on the other side of the job at the Oasis headquarters I would love to get back on the road and head to West Africa.  It’s still not overwhelmed with tourists, you go off the beaten track almost daily and you get the best of both worlds: desert, jungle, city and local villages!  When I think of camping out under the African sky, West Africa comes to mind.  It’s definitely not your average overland trip for a couple months, I’m talking 23 weeks! In everyday life so much can happen in 5 months, let alone spending it travelling overland in Africa…

Ok, dreaming over guys, back to your computers!

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