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Office Staff Return From 2 Week Trip To Egypt

Chris, one of our Directors, and Jackie, our Responsible Travel and Accounts Bod have just returned from a 2-week trip to Egypt. They travelled with their two sons and family friends. The group of nine-4 adults and 5 children had a great trip. The Egyptian people were very welcoming and were very excited and positive about the future for their country at this momentous time.  The group began their travels in Cairo with a visit to the Pyramids, a felucca trip around the Nile and the sights of  Cairo from Cairo Tower. The roads in Cairo are as chaotic as ever but after a few days the group were negotiating 6 lanes of traffic without batting an eyelid! The group had some Arabic lessons in Cairo and apart from ordering lentil soup instead of orange juice a couple of times  did well with their basic Arabic! A visit was also made to the Sudanese Community Development Project in Cairo -a school for Sudanese refugee children-supported by Oasis. It was a pleasure to see the motivation and enthusiasm of the children despite their basic facilities.

From Cairo, the group headed for Dahab, on the Red Sea-where 3 people did a PADI dive course, 4 of us windsurfed and everyone went snorkelling and did a day camel safari to Ras Abu Galum for even more amazing snorkelling. How many Nemos can you see before you get bored?! We loved the beach side restaurants where after relaxing after a freshly cooked lunch you could dive off the side into the Red Sea-for more Nemo watching!

Luxor was the next port of call-with a trip to the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut’s temple. Our Egyptologist guides really made Hatshepsut’s story come to life by getting us to act out her family relationships-boy, if you thought your family relationships were complicated take a look at Hatshepsuts!  We all loved our donkey ride around the surrounding villages of Luxor-where we saw Egyptian rural life in all it’s glory-crops being watered, animals being fed and children playing. It really brought home the importance of the Nile to the country as well.

Our final destination was the southern city of Aswan. Here we whiled away a day relaxing on a felucca (traditional sailing boat) on the Nile-stopping for an occasional swim, run in the sand dunes(very exhilerating!) or a walk around the exotic Botannical Gardens. We spent a wonderful evening having dinner with a Nubian family-learning about their culture and having our hands and arms decorated with henna tattoos. They’re only just fading now!

It really was a wonderful trip. Egypt is a a truly vibrant country to visit-the people are warm and welcoming and the historical sites give you a real sense of your place in time .

If  you are interested in a similar trip to Egypt why not look at our 10-day  Pyramids and Sinai and 10/14 day Egypt Encompassed trips.

Walk like an Egyptian at the Pyramids!

Henna tattoos at the Nubian night

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