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Make Holidays Greener Week 02-09 July

What is Make Holidays Greener Week?

Make Holidays Greener Week is a consumer campaign that has been launched by the Travel Foundation. The campaign aims to engage consumers with the idea of ‘greener’ holidays, which help to protect the environment and benefit local people in tourism destinations.

The campaign’s main focus is to challenge consumers to do three simple things when they next go on holiday that will help benefit local people and protect the environment in their holiday destinations.

What are greener holidays?

Greener holidays simply means holidays that benefit people and help protect the environment in destinations.
The great part is that everyone can make holidays greener by doing simple things, no matter what type of holiday they are going on… and, more often than not, holidaymakers will also find they have a more enriched, unique and memorable holiday experience as a result.

For more information on ideas to make your trip greener click here or look at our Responsible Travel pages

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