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Jennys Jordan tour

Our tour leader Jenny joined the Jordan section of one of our Egypt & Jordan Explorer tours.  Here she tells us about her overnight stay in a Bedouin camp in the Wadi Rum desert…

Aqaba to Wadi Rum

We are excited about the following days of our Jordan tour, exploring the ancient world of Petra, the weightlessness of the Dead Sea and the emptiness of the Wadi Rum desert.

View of Wadi Rum in the Jordanian DesertOur first stop is the coastal port town of Aqaba.  We were given the option to stop at a nice place for lunch but chose a swarma café instead, more within our backpacker budget.  After lunch we set off into the desert to Wadi Rum, arriving in time to grab a spot on the popular nearby rocky outcrop and watch the sun’s quick descent behind the sandstone mountains in the distance. Our vantage point gives us 360 degree views as the soft light in the sky transforms the harsh desert landscape into a picture of beauty.

Our traditional Bedouin meal tonight has been cooking in the ground for about 3 hours in large metal containers surrounded by hot coals, consisting of layered chicken, lamb and potato and has a delicious smoky flavor when served. It is served buffet style and to accompany this we can select from tomato and cucumber salad, pita bread, hommus, sour cream, rice and baba ganoush and a banana for dessert, washed down with Turkish coffee or herbal mint tea.

Jordan Desert Camp with Oasis OverlandCamping in a traditional Bedouin camp we are allocated tents that have either 2 single beds or 1 double, mosquito net, thick animal hair doona’s and extra blankets if requested.  Each ‘tent’ is part of a long line of about 8 tents all joined together and made from either sheep’s wool, goat or camel.  They form a rectangular compound on three sides, with the sandstone mountain the forth side, softly lit by fairy lights. Each tent is extremely warm and even though I bedded down with my sleeping bag, sleep sheet, doona and two extra blankets, before long I had kicked off all and just slept in my sleeping bag – the night temperature dropped to below zero as frost was evident on the sand outside in the morning.

Our tented compound opens through to the main camp which includes an open area with seating and protection from the wind along the sides by Bedouin canvas and a fire pit in the middle.  The skies are open to us and it is a great place to sit and watch the spectacular stars in the night sky.  A closed tent for eating and watching tonight’s live entertainment, local Bedouin men play a traditional guitar called an ‘ud’, accompanied by a ‘durbakkah’ an earthenware drum, and sing for us.  The chill of the air slowly sends out tendrils to invite us to the warmth of our beds, I am tucked in well before the generator providing power to our camp is turned off at 10.30pm, the full moon and fairy lights enough to light the way of any late night star gazers.

Next on Jenny’s Jordan tour…  exploring the Wadi Rum desert!

Jenny joined our Egypt & Jordan Explorer

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