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Jennys Jordan Tour – Wadi Rum

Yesterday we posted tour leader Jenny’s overnight stay in a Bedouin Camp.  On the second day of her Jordan tour she explores the Wadi Rum desert…

Wadi Rum

Sunrise over Wadi Rum in JordanAfter a great nights’ sleep, toasty warm in my tent I force myself out into a frosty morning in time for sunrise, I head up to the same vantage point to witness nature’s wonderful display of light as it rises above the distant mountains lighting up the desert floor, the cold biting through my clothing as I sit and wait for the warmth to come.

Breakfast comprises of local fare including flat bread, apricot jam, processed cheese triangles, a hardboiled egg, butter, zata which is a mixture of sesame seeds and oregano with olive oil dribbled over the mix and used to flavor the flat bread.  We also had halawa, a sweet mix of sesame oil and sugar, definitely for the sweet tooths amongst us.  Tea or coffee.  The locals believe that Zata is good for the brain when eaten in the mornings.  I notice no immediate change, perhaps I need to make it a regular inclusion in my morning routine.

Wadi Rum Jeep Safari on Oasis Overland's Jordan tourDesert Tour

The next part of our desert experience is a trip to the Information Centre where we are encouraged to watch a short video about the sandstone and granite rock formations, desert animals including Oryx, Camel, Snakes and Nubian Ibex, also how the water supply to the area was stopped by the Greeks when they put in a dam upstream and stopped the flow of water to the valley.  There are many sights in the valley, including The Seven Pillars of Wisdom; we only have time to visit four.  Our first stop is a Nabatean Temple, at roughly 2000yr old and found throughout the area in places where there is water.  They were built to service the passing caravan trade, providing security, rest and a place to exchange goods along the incense trail.

The desert at Wadi Rum in JordanWe continue along the valley to Lawrence Springs; it is believed taxes were charged to passing traders who wanted to get water from here.  The inscriptions, Springs of Lawrence, are Aramaic scripture; the Greek alphabet took over from the Aramaic after this time.  We can see where the spring comes out up the side of the rocky mountain as a tree is growing near there.  Trees are few and far between in this dry environment.

Our desert tour takes us to the Chazly inscriptions estimated at 3000 years old. This area is popular with rock climbers, the stunning sandstone rock faces offering varying levels of difficulty.  We are offered tea or coffee here. The tea is a mixture of sage, cinnamon, cardamom and dessert mint – delicious and refreshing. The coffee is made from crushed coffee pods and is drunk neat but sweet.

Our last stop is the Sand Dune, formed up the side of a rocky outcrop and a popular stop for tourists to climb and enjoy the 360° views.  It is well worth the climb. The sky is a brilliant blue with a cold wind blowing from our exposed vantage point, the suns warmth can be felt as we find shelter from the wind.

Next on Jenny’s Jordan tour… the road to Petra!

Jenny travelled in January on our Egypt & Jordan Explorer

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