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Experience the Arab Spring first hand

Oasis Overland group at the Monastery in PetraAlthough currently diverting from Syria, our overland tours to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey are running as usual and offer the opportunity to witness the Arab Spring first hand!

Our Oasis Caravan overland trip travels from Istanbul to Cairo and vice versa.  Currently the itinerary includes flying over Syria (additional cost) and in its place we spend extra time exploring Turkey, Jordan and Egypt.  The Oasis Nomad from Damascus to Cairo and v.v. now starts or ends in Jordan’s capital Amman instead of Damascus.

Chris and family in Cairo on a trip to EgyptOur Director, Chris Wrede recently went to Egypt with his family and says this is a great time to visit the Middle East.  “There are big changes going on in the Middle East and Syria is presently out of bounds but if you want to see the positive changes taking place after such significant historical events, witnessed by the world, then we can take you to those parts of Egypt, Jordan and Turkey that are safe, welcoming and hospitable.

This is a fantastic time to visit – some of the world’s most famous sites like the Pyramids and Petra are quiet and free from crowds and you can also go to Tahrir Square and other sites that were backdrops to the Revolution.  I took my family to Egypt last month and we all, especially the kids, had a brilliant holiday, everyone was so pleased to see us there supporting their new country.”

Pyramids & the Sphinx on Oasis Overland's Egypt tourOur next 37 day Oasis Caravan starts in Cairo on 18th August or in Istanbul on 2nd October.

Our next 21 day Oasis Nomad starts in Amman on 27th July or in Cairo on 18th August.

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  1. Mima says

    Previously you could join the Caravan in Syria to do the Syria/Turkey section as your “Turkey & Syria Overland (18 Days) Damascus to Istanbul” trip.
    Is it possible to do anything like that at the moment. e.g. just the Turkey section?
    Or am I best to wait until Syria is open agian?
    I’m only ever going to realistically get 3 weeks off (I managed this at xmas and did the “Roof of Africa trip”, amazing and such fortuneate timing!) and really want to see Turkey.

    Many thanks,

  2. admin says

    Hi there, yes it would be possible to do just the Turkey section, it is around 12 – 14 days. If it was a trip that departed from Istanbul, when the trip was due to leave for Syria (currently we are flying over Syria from Istanbul) you could travel back to Istanbul either with the group or on local transport. Was there any dates in particular you were looking? If you’d like more info on this you can email us at:


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