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Having fun in Uganda

Bush Camping & getting dinner ready!

An update from Oasis crew Malcolm and Iain, out in Africa on the Grand Adventurer Oasis Overland Trip

We’re in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, today after a fairly easy border crossing from Kenya yesterday. The border was pretty crazy, with a 6km queue of trucks waiting to clear customs. We asked one driver near the front how long he had been there and he cheerily replied ‘only 3 days!’ which seems to be quite a quick crossing by normal standards.  Thankfully us ‘passenger carrying vehicles’ (still can’t bring ourselves to use the ‘b—‘ word) don’t have to wait in that queue!

So everything together it was less than 2 hours for us to get through the Kenyan and then Uganda side, and quite a stunning drive, firstly crossing the start of the Nile near Jinja and then into Kampala itself where the traffic slowed us considerably!  After a sunny morning we did see the rain clouds approaching as we stopped for lunch, and nearly made it a dry one, but a nice tropical thunderstorm cut our lunch a bit shorter than we intended.

Cook group did us proud last night with an excellent chilli con carne with truck-made flatbreads. We are a full overland truck with 24 travellers at the moment and a few budding chefs are showing themselves!  Goat stew for Africa night tonight is a brave choice and we’re really looking forward to that.

Today we all have a free day in Kampala. Mostly pottering and shopping for the crew, and a lot of the group have gone into Kampala city to explore.  Kampala, like most big African cities, is a place where the wealth gap is completely obvious. You can be sitting in a lovely coffee shop, which could be somewhere in Europe, but then a walk around the corner and the shantytown reminds you that it’s not like that for most people in Uganda.

One of our group had some avocados inside their tent and so experienced a raid of monkeys trying to get in this morning.  That’s a new alarm clock method we haven’t seen before!

We’re on a bit of a timetable at the moment to get to Rwanda on the right days for our gorilla trekking permits so we have an early start tomorrow, continuing to the westernmost town in Uganda, Kabale, before we cross into Rwanda for 3 nights.  The gorilla trekking is obviously a highlight in this part of the world and the group are excited for that more than an anything at the moment.

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  1. Aneris says

    I have been to Uganda, loved t, especially went to see the majestic mountain Gorillas,blew me away so exciting!

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