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Name our new Oasis Expedition truck!

Well Jason & Steve have been hard at work at Oasis HQ building our 15th (well we think its our 15th we’ve lost count over the years!) Oasis Expedition truck & finally it’s finished.  It is just waiting to get a great  new name.

If you would like to give our lovely new truck a name, post up your suggestions by the end of August 2011 & we will pick the best 6 names & then put it to an online vote. To inspire you all here’s a few names  from the past and the present; Bumbles, Freakshow, Jozzie, Bulldog & Gunga. So you can see they arent the norm!

This truck is destined for our Middle East overland trips next year, so maybe something in Arabic could be they way to go..??

We look forward to hearing your suggestions! Email us your suggestion to or leave a comment on this blog, post it on our facebook page or tweet us.

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  1. graham hamilton says

    madaba after the map of the biblical land in the church of st george in madaba jordan

  2. Marc says

    Seeing as everyone grows to love their truck. Sweetie or beloved, click on the name to listen.

  3. Sharlene says

    What about Manāt – she is the arabic goddess of fate… considering it’s always left up to fate to decide if a tour runs smoothly or not

  4. Kelly says


  5. Melissa says

    How about Rajah, the name of the Tiger from Aladdin.

  6. Claire says

    Habibi of course!!!

  7. Bill says

    How about “Inn Shallah”; a place of shelter on our journey of adventure; and God Willing we will get to our destination….

  8. Will says

    jasmine or Genie. Fanny will never be beaten though!

  9. Judith says

    Salaam(meaning both peace aswel as hello)
    Rumi (one of biggest Persian poets)

    would be intresting names I guess

  10. admin says

    Lovin’ the names so far! A week to go till the Oasis HQ Truck Naming Committee narrow it down to 6 – then it’s over to you to vote! One more week to get any more names in…

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