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Wotta lotta watering holes……

This is an update from Claire our tour leader on the Nile Trans in Africa.

The quaint Namibian town of Swakopmund, renowned for its adrenaline activities, has to be one of the crews’ favourite places for letting their hair down. For me it’s the sky diving, for Steve it’s the quad biking, for the whole group there’s some quality time at our lodge’s beverage dispensing department!!! It’s also a good time for Steve to catch up on some truck maintenance and me to get some paperwork and accounts done. It turns out we have a fisherman onboard the truck and we leave town with 15 fish on ice for the braai at Spitzkoppe (thanks Richard!). The roads are still a little messy after the big rainy season and we hit soft sand in a newly made river bed… time for sand matting 101 and some good practice for the deserts later on in the trip! Team Gunga are impressive though and with everyone’s help we’re out of there in no time.

Otjititongwe Cheetah Park is awesome as always with everyone happy to get up close to the big cats and some fabulous photos. Nights at Cheetah Park are always entertaining too, especially the pool tournament & that damn warthog (Phil, I am still the ultimate champion!) Etosha National Park is also a crew favourite as we get to go game driving in Gunga. Game driving in the truck gives us a nice high vantage point for viewing the animals and we’re lucky to see lions, elephants, numerous antelopes, plains animals & birds of prey.

Some quiet time at the floodlit watering hole at night is rewarded with black rhino, hyenas and a small spotted genet. On the drive out we get a glimpse of a Black Mamba that stands up to the truck! But Gunga fears no deadly snake!

A final night of Namibian bush camping and we’re off through the Caprivi strip to Botswana. We have a few places to visit but the top highlight for me will always be the stunning Okavango Delta where we get away from it all for 3 days into the wilderness in our Mokoros. The water is high right now and it’s not long until we see hippos (from a comfortable distance!!). Our polers & guides have lived in this area all of their lives and they know every channel of this vast inland delta. Our days are spent bush walking, relaxing around our camp spot & learning to pole our own Mokoros which is not as easy as it looks. At night, our hosts treat us to some traditional singing and dancing around the fire and we swap stories of our very different lifestyles.

Next stop Chobe National Park and our included game cruise along the Chobe River where we see elephants swimming, hippos everywhere, some huge crocs, a big Cape buffalo & a beautiful sunset. The morning’s optional game drive turns out to be the best I’ve ever heard of in this park with the lucky few that chose to go seeing leopard, lions hunting, & rare sable antelope. I wish I’d gone now! Botswana seems to go by almost too quickly and I can’t believe we’re in Zimbabwe already. 3 weeks into this overland trip and we’ve done so much!

Now for the next major activity on the list! “Sexypants” Steve’s birthday….watch this space!

Claire & Steve

AKA The Dream Team.

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